New comic up for ransom! Deal Breakers!

So what do Ben, Barney, Scipio, Biggs, and Moze look for in a lady? Pay the ransom and find out.

I drew another hostage comic, Deal Breakers. Like the previous one, Confirmation, Deal Breakers is being held for ransom, and will be free-to-read in perpetuity once that ransom is paid.

Also like Confirmation, none of the stuff that happens is canon, as far as Templar, Arizona itself is concerned. It’s just fun. Important to keep in mind! Hell, half these guys don’t even know each other.

You can read the first bonus comic (and donate to help free the second) here. Thanks!

Back to work…

New fan art. Also, advertise on TAZ, via Project Wonderful!

Hi again, everybody. I finally got around to posting some fan art that I’ve been meaning to post forever. Dig it!

Gene, by Savannah Wickerhead cosplay, by Ben Spector

Also, anyone who fancies an opportunity to do so may now advertise on Templar, via Project Wonderful! I’m only accepting skyscrapers at the moment, 160 x 600 px. All ratings, no animation, and the minimum bid is $1.00 a day. All new bidders will be screened before I accept them, but once an advertiser is approved, they can bid whenever they like. Let’s see how things works out, eh? Place a bid here!