Chapter 5: Lit, page 131.

Hmn. Well. That didn’t really work. Any more ideas, Ben?


(By the way, guys, I started a Google+ page for Templar. It’s got some sketches and a few background info posts, if you like that kinda thing. You can find it here.

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    1. That, and at this point he’s really just swinging wildly out of anger. Ben already caught him off guard with the leg sweep; it would be easy enough to surprise him with a kick to the balls.

  1. Wow, I didn’t think this could get any worse… I am impressed… and frightened. If Ben ends up with permanent brain damage after this… this might be the most painful thing I’ll have to read.

  2. If he -doesn’t- come out of this with -some- kind of head/brain damage, then either he’s much luckier than most, or his head’s made of rock. One or the other. 8-0

    As for EJs eye, I’m personally hoping for permanent damage there, as well. His brain was -already- damaged, now maybe his outsides will match. *crosses fingers for Jakes*

    1. Unless EJ is a strong, capable, skilled fighter, he is unlikely to be capable of causing brain damage with his bare fists without fucking his hands up proper. He’s be looking at split knukles and several broken or at least cracked bones to do that kind of damage. We know this as a result of a study into the causative effect of the unexplained trend driving the rated of brain injury up in boxing after the introduction of fist padding. After they no longer needed fear for their hands, they really went to work. Remember that Both the Elliots beat Marcus Black and Blue, at least partially with what is at least some kind of wooden butt gun, and all they did was bruise him badly, they failed to even concuss him as far as can be seen. Ej is beating Ben bad, but given his behavior so far, I doubt that the imminent portions of Bens cognition are present for the process. If he’s lucky he’s somewhere nice. Or at least quiet.

      1. I really don’t think EJ is thinking about damage to his hands right now. I don’t think he is thinking at all. For Ben’s sake, the Jakes better show up soon.

      2. Heh. I meant from the two blows to the head against a concrete/tile floor, more than EJ hitting him…although that’s not going to help any. And yes, I seriously hope Ben’s in someplace nice in his head, rather than having nightmares/visions of sticking his thumb in someones eye.

        Also, I don’t care -who- Spike sends to the rescue, just send somebody! Reagan, the Jakes, Scipio, hell, even the Cooks…just somebody! *crosses fingers*

        1. You’ve never hit your head hard against a hard surface have you?

          Ben will have a concusion, probably a severe one, but I doubt it’ll go “brain damage” route, unless the strike was hard enough to start a hematoma.

          Trust me, I’ve been struck in the head (and struck my head) hard by and against very solid objects (lockers, sidewalks, buildings, baseball bat, cars) and have had nothing worse than very severe concussions. Granted I’m a big guy and apparently have a very hard head. ;)

          1. Concussion itself IS indication of brain damage. It often doesn’t leave anything permanently wrong with your brain as it’s rarely bad enough not to heal on its own, but it still is caused by brain damage. And a severe concussion can leave lingering effects for a long time, even the rest of your life.

            If EJ was really after bad damage, he’d bang Ben’s head against the floor, instead of pummeling his face with his fists. But he’s angry and not thinking clearly. I wish the Jakes showed up to hand him his own ass.

          2. I just wanted to say that this conversation on brain damage has been highly interesting and sparked me to go look up stuff about it. Tangential learning at work!



  4. I am covering my eyes, and peeking through my fingers, trying to click back three pages to the page that was up when Spike said this fight was three pages from over.

    1. Or katatonia for that matter – that way the Jakes would see EJ beating an unconscious Ben, and hopefully would react a bit more violently. =p

      1. I doubt jakes really think that way. Though they’ll probably respect Ben if anything, Elliot was obviously in a fight himself so if nothing else it looks like Ben’s got a little third man in him.


    That was Ben’s jaw EJ hit just now, right? I think anything is better than his brain, at this point… He’s probably in shock, good chance he has a bad concussion, but at least he isn’t comatose or anything. I hope EJ doesn’t try SHOOTING him with that gun. It probably won’t even occur to him to do that, but I can’t imagine a worse scenario than that. :C


    Also, cool Google+ page, Spike! I like the “5 fun facts” and the doodles. Reagan’s looking gorgeous.

  6. The Five Fictional Facts about EJ give this scene extra punch (no pun intended). EJ mugs some little dweeb instead of just asking him where the basement is in order to make himself feel powerful in the face of his personal demons, but the dweeb comes up off the floor and takes him down–so EJ is not only fighting to survive physically, but also fighting because everything is WRONG, man, EVERYTHING, and the only way he can think of to make everything RIGHT is to punch the wrong part until it stops moving.

    So basically unless somebody comes to the rescue or that stupid gun backfires on EJ, Ben is gonna die.

  7. I’m voting for Moze or Sunny…perhaps some more unlikely hero like a still-enraged Pippi to vent and perhaps partially redeem herself with Reagan and Scip.

      1. What do you think would happen if Zora knifed EJ? If the police ever got involved, child services would be all over the Jakes, and they’d run and take Zora and Eugene with them. Or worse, they’d pin it on unconscious Ben.

        Actually that might just happen anyway.

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