44 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Lit, page 132.”

  1. I hope the Jakes get to him quick or Ben is going to lose all his stuff. And he seemed pretty determined that he keep it.

  2. Oh, jeeze. Someone call the whaaaambulance, we’ve got a crier over here.

    Also a possible concussion. Might need a regular ambulance, though.

  3. Ben’s out for the count, poor guy. It doesn’t matter how latently crazy you are–head injuries are gonna catch up. Also, nobody feels sorry for you, EJ. Except yourself, I guess.

    The Jakes sure are taking their time… I hope they ambush him in the hall or something.

    1. It will be perfect timing, he’s just picked up the “gun” and is leaving the scene of the crime.

      I know that there’s a chance he might slip away, but if he get’s off without running into Jakes I will be sorely disappointed.

  4. I swear, I honestly have tried to be sympathetic to EJ as a character in the past. Now I just want the little bastard to drop dead, AFTER he drops that damn bag and leaves poor Ben alone.

  5. Is there a link to the Templar Google site that you had the hypertext link to last comic? I bookmarked it directly, but I don’t think I could find it again.

  6. Nice touch on EJ’s scars and scratches. He just keeps winding down that road, oblivious, caught in a vacuum.

  7. Wow. He’s crying. I never expected that from him. I guess it’s time to “vanish old resentments” eh? Or to get new ones …

    Oh EJ, those things you are carrying are not important anymore. Because I think you won’t make it to the door.

    1. I don’t think he’s crying in the sense of emotional distress. If you’ve ever had the tiniest piece of dirt in your eye, you’ll know the tears flow like crazy. And EJ just had a thumb in his eye. Methinks his eyes may be watering a bit, thus making it look like he’s crying.

  8. I know all the shit EJ’s done, and I know he started this fight and had a hideous eye injury coming, but… nope, still not done feeling sorry for him. He’s a teenage rent boy whose only friend is an aging heroin addict who keeps trying to ditch him, and who he’d do literally anything for. There are kinds of fucked up that led him to this situation and to the kind of person he is that I can’t even begin to imagine.

    It doesn’t justify anything he’s done, but it does mean that I can’t take any kind of schadenfreude from his suffering. I feel bad for him.

    1. I know what you mean.

      I want to see what the Jakeskin do with him before I get an appropriate amount of schadenfreude out of his suffering. ;P

    2. I’m ready to forgive the little punk myself, but forgiving the sin doesn’t absolve you of the consequences of it. I may forgive you for breaking into my apartment and stealing my TV, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want my TV back, nor does it mean that i don’t think you shouldn’t be put in jail as punishment.

      1. I think you may be thinking of a word other than forgive.

        Or perhaps thinking of the way religious forgiveness and law interact, in which one party forgives and the other does not.

        Forgiving is an absolution of blame, guilt, or consequences. Which is why if you are forgiven a sin, you are not punished by your deity. Law on the other hand, does not forgive; you are either guilty and punished, or innocent and not punished.

  9. EJ, oh EJ, you’re such a sorry mess.
    Your crimes and sins are stackin’ up. You really must confess.
    You’re rude, crude and out of bounds.
    Your attitude hands out bumpy crowns.
    You feed on pain, anger and distress.
    How you’ve made it this far I can only guess.
    At such a rate you won’t have long
    ‘Til someone serves you up your wrongs.
    ~ 8^1>

  10. If EJ gets away, i might have to stop reading the comic. seriously, he needs to die. im getting sick of his stupid, sorry ass. i dont care what problems he has, i dont care about his past, i dont care about if this is the only way he knows to survive.

    someone needs to catch him after this. its the final straw, the one that makes me just tired of him as a character and ready to see him finally die. im seriously sick of reading anything about him, and am very much ready to see him gone and move on to more important and interesting storylines.

    like his funeral.

  11. Happy New Year, everyone, even if it’s probably not so happy for the Templar residents. And although it’s tempting to think otherwise, the Mayan world end thing was mistranslated. :-P

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