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Is my favorite webcomic artist.

Bonus Stuff: Templar Moms.

Hi, guys.

In case you don’t follow my Twitter (Why don’t you, I’m pretty awesome), Templar pages are kinda on hold for the next week or so while I get Trouble Every Day into its prettiest dress and down to the printer.

The pre-order for TAZ’s first book literally took less than a week to hit goal. That’s the fastest this thing I do has ever gone, ever. And as a way of saying OMGTHX, I’m doing you guys a free bonus comic. It’s a series of portraits (and a little insightful commentary) of some mothers of a few Templar, Arizona characters. For now, you can find them here.

Mom #1.
Mom #2.
Mom #3.
Mom #4.

There are more coming. When I finish ‘em, they’ll go on the Bonus Comic page with the other two. Just my way of high-fiving you guys for being so great.

Thanks again. Watch this space!

I launched a Kickstarter project! Help fund Poorcraft!

Hey guys, Spike here. I’ve got good news and bad news.

The bad news is, TAZ won’t update until Monday. The good news is, that’s because I’ve been insanly busy getting together a project for Kickstarter. And now, it’s finally ready.

For the unaware, Kickstarter “is a funding platform for artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians, journalists, inventors, explorers,” and other people with great ideas looking for funding to execute them. When you post a project to Kickstarter, to set a monetary goal and a time limit, and try like hell to convince people you’re worth an investment; It’s kinda like what I do whenever I’m publishing a new volume of TAZ to pre-pay for printing. Thing is, I don’t wanna do TAZ via Kickstarter. I wanna do something else.

It’s called Poorcraft.

Click over to the KS page for more info on what I’m talking about. I hope you dig what you see and maybe help me out with iron Circus comics’ first non-Templar, Arizona project.

One more thing: I’m gonna be at APE this weekend, sharing a table with Corey Barnes of Turnpike. it’s gonna be my last convention of the year! I’ll be at table 261. Come say hi!

I’m going to SPX!

Soooo, I’m maybe 4 hours from heading to the airport. I’m hopping on a plane for Maryland, cuz I’m gonna be at SPX this weekend! Exciting, huh? Here’s a handy-dandy floorchart as to my whereabouts. I’m wayyyy in the back.

SPX thumbnail

So, I hafta pack. TAZ updates will resume, with any luck, next Tuesday.

See ya!

Big Huge Fan Art Update!

I’ve finally gotten around to posting the latest fan art you guys have sent in. This round has everything from mash-ups to metalwork, so be sure to check ‘em all out. And I apologize for the wait! Some of you have been waiting to see your stuff posted since May. Sorry, I’ve just been so freaking busy. I love that you thought to make and send this stuff, though, never doubt that.

In other news, Deal Breakers, the latest ransom comic, is still being held hostage! The pot’s up to about $200.00 now, so there’s still a ways to go. Contribute to set it free!

That’s it for now. More comics tonight…