Loud Neighbors – Episode 2 – Care-o-Meter

Okay, so I guess our podcasts aren’t going to come out on Mondays, after all. Tuesdays it is! The idea is, we want to make sure they end up as separate posts from the actual comics pages, so they can’t drop on the same day.

Anyway, in this, the second episode of Loud Neighbors, we’re even less on topic than before. In fact we seriously do not have a topic. But please do give it a listen, and let us know what you want to hear more or less of. Personally, I’m all for doing more RPG stuff. Everyone tell Spike you want more RPG stuff!

Loud Neighbors – Episode 1 – Dungeon School

Hey, folks. This is Matt, Spike’s husband and general partner in tomfoolery. We made kind of a podcast thing that maybe you might want to listen to. It’s not about Templar or anything vaguely relevant to the comic. It’s pretty much us just going on about some foolishness that was on our minds at the time. If people dig it, we’ll probably do more, sometime. So let us know what you think, huh?