Chapter 5: Intermission, page 1.

Chapter 5: Intermission, page 1.

She looks familiar.

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  1. Elk says:

    Hello there, Ex #1.

  2. Scott Bieser says:

    That looks like a group of my wife’s former friends that we moved a thousand miles to get away from.

  3. Jessonian says:

    I went to high school with her.

  4. Michelle says:

    Spike, please compose a coffee table art book of dogs. You draw the best dogs.

  5. Alyssa says:

    Eeeee oh my god is that a pitbull is it a pitbull is it a pitbull *incoherent squealing noises*

    • ABYSchan says:

      What a perfect pitbull derpface. :D

    • tricksterson says:

      While I’m aware that a good deal of pitbulls’ bad rep is overblown and much of it comes from training that includes serious abuse I believe you’re the fist person I’ve ever seen treat them as a subject for sqee.

      • Boumama says:

        My dog-whisperer daughter LOVES pits. She tells me that contrary to their current reputations, the Victorians bred them as nanny-dogs, like Nana from Peter Pan. She very much wants to rehabilitate the breed’s public perception.

      • Alyssa says:

        Well, it helps that my sister owns a pit whose attitude towards the world is HI I LOVE YOU PLEASE BE MY FRIEND AND ALSO PET ME FOREVER HI.

        It’s hard to be too scared of a dog who gets so excited to see you that she can’t walk straight because her tail is wagging too hard. :D

  6. ABYSchan says:

    An adventure into Sunny’s life/Diesel culture again, possibly?

    I look forward to this.

  7. Ganurath says:

    Hey, it’s the ex-girlfriend of the psycho sport guy, Red Whatever! Too lazy to look up his name. If she’s being introduced to the plot, even through an intermission, can we expect the same of other exs? Or parents?

  8. pencilears says:

    wait a sec, I think recognize that dog, is it? can to be?

    BO THE OTHER GUY IN BORNDOWN?! is he dating that girl? questions man! questions that need answers!

    • Braharajah says:

      It’s Sunny’s ex (his only ex), though who knows who she’s dating now if she is dating at all. But given that she says she doesn’t date guys she can beat in a fight I’d say that’s a relatively short list of potential suitors.

      • pencilears says:

        not the girl, the dog! we have here three bitches, Moze’s pug Gremlin, Sunny’s Ex girlfriend and then another dog.

        that other dog belongs to Bo. so I bet we will finally be seeing Bo in this intermission.

        • Samovar says:

          How do you know that’s Bo’s dog? Are you one of those privileged and lucky souls got that info from Spike while she was online?

          • pencilears says:

            naww, I’ve just been a templar fan since chapter one and I catch a lot of the U-streams, so I must’a picked it up somewhere, possibly the old sketch page. but I know that’s Bo’s dog.

        • FrankNW says:

          That pug…I like that pug. It looks perpetually traumatized, for reasons I’m not sure I begin to understand. …Dietary or something?

      • pencilears says:

        but thank you for answering some of my questions, questions now less in need of answers.

        • Schnuh330 says:

          It stands to reason that would be Bo’s “bitch” as both Moze’s pug and Sonny’s ex are pictured, this could be alternately titled “Borndown’s Bitches”.

          also that pug looks crazy as hell, but considering it’s Moze’s pug just think of the horrible sight of Moze having sex before it’s perpetually bugged out eyes,(he doesn’t seem like the type of guy to be creeped out by the dog watching) not to mention his attitudes towards nudity and food.

  9. kagato23 says:

    Anybody else, I’d be upset at intermission, but of all the ex’s, she was the one I found most interesting and I just hope this isn’t the last page of her.

  10. Dotcom says:

    I agree! She’s so cute, too! Love this picture of her and Bo’s pug and the awesome derpy pit bull!

  11. parkrndl says:

    First of all, she’s AWESOME.

    Second, and ostensibly more awesome… is that a Say Anything reference?

  12. Horza says:

    For the moment I’m going to assume the Jake’s sold EJ’s desiccated corpse as dog meat and gave Ben his bag back before taking him to the nearest hospital >_>

    • tricksterson says:

      Let’s parse your probabilities: the first: Quite possible, even probable.
      The second: Possible but not likely
      The third: If they treat him at all it’ll probably be “Jake style” whatever that means.

  13. DCB says:

    Nice puppies, and the dogs are nice too!

  14. Jason Thorn says:

    But…no Kabooms?

    There were supposed to be Earth-shattering Kabooms!

  15. tED:P says:

    Ahahahahahaha… LURVE. This is perfect, after all that heavy shit. I wonder if the prizefight is an absolute prerequisite or if we could just wrestle…

  16. Yarrum says:

    Updates make me happy. =D

  17. WhoTookThatty says:

    i think this is the best possible intermission

  18. Bellar says:

    Aha! I’ve figured out what makes this woman familiar!

    She’s the same person we’ve all seen for the last two weeks on the TA home page!

    I am a master sleuth. Love ya Spike! :D