Chapter 5: Lit, page 134.

Chapter 5: Lit, page 134.

And that’s that.

Up next: The Intermission.

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  1. Scott Bieser says:

    What, we don’t get to see EJ getting rough justice at the hands of the Jakes?
    Aw, you’re no fun.
    (I still hates the Jakes.)

    • FrankNW says:

      Oh, the horror! THE HORROR! THE — wha? Oh well, never mind. Uh, no stabby stabby filet-o’-EJ. I mean, they coulda done it slow, but — hmmm, I’m interested to see this “Intermission” of which we hear from The Spike. Long live The Spike. =)

  2. Bex says:

    FIN? You’re going to fin us right there?

    Okay, I suppose when it’s obvious what’s going to happen next you don’t have to draw it, but I’m curious if Ben ever gets his bag back, and what the hell was that on EJ’s hand? Blood? Vitreous humor? Bone fragment?

    • Jay? says:

      I suspect that the answer to all of your questions is “Yes”

    • navi says:

      haha… that’s what I’m thinking… will ben get the bag back? and I’m pretty sure the stuff on his hand was blood.

      • thatryanguy says:

        I think it was mostly the little lens looking thing inside the blood that’s got everyone’s curiosity up.

        • ABYSchan says:

          Probably the remains of his retina/retinal lens considering that he was just pressing the back of his wrist against his gouged eye (which I cannot express how incredibly stupid it is to do that after an eye injury).

          • The retina covers the back surface of the eye; the lens is up near the front and divides the aqueous and vitreous humors. I’m a little dubious that the lens would be fully detached, since it is surrounded by a ring of (thin) muscle. More likely (said the armchair anatomist) it would be pushed to the side.

          • Borealis says:

            I think we’re just seeing the shine on the eye-goo in his hand. But your lens CAN pop out. My dad’s did. The things wrong with his eye are too long to list, but he got a nasty infection on top of all of them, and the eyeball basically popped from the pressure. When the doctor was cleaning it up, he found the lens stuck in the corner of my dad’s eye. My mom keeps it in a little bottle.

            Dad was already blind in that eye before all this happened, at least.

          • Hanna says:

            Actually the lens itself comes out pretty easily – that’s why they’re able to change a damaged or calsified lens into an artificial one without a major surgery hassle. But the “encasing” in which it rests, is pretty tough. I doubt digging your thumb into someone’s eye would be enough to pierce it. But then again, you never know. I’m still not 100% sure the eye was pierced, either.

          • Osten says:

            Thanks Borealis, I just cringed.

          • FrankNW says:

            Yowich. Me too.

          • ABYSchan says:

            …is it bad that Borealis’ story did NOT make me cringe?

            Then again, I once describing my eye problems + the treatments I get for them to an acquaintance and he nearly suffered a panic attack. So I convey my condolences and sympathy to you and your father — deteriorating eye health is horrible to deal with and hard to find people to relate with you.

      • tricksterson says:

        IIRC Jakes don’t have much in the way of a sense of property unless the property is theirs so I suspect no.

    • ABYSchan says:

      The contents of Ben’s bag should be of grave concern. That bag contains Ben’s three emotional anchor points.

      1) His computer with copybooks: his catharsis.
      2) The controller for Zora: his personal space preserver.
      3) His medication. HIS MEDICATION.

      I strongly suspect that he will not get his bag back, the contents of it are to be annihilated in the Jakes’ attack against EJ. We won’t see its destruction explicitly, I think…. but I think that this needs to be strongly kept in mind for the future chapters.

  3. McThag says:

    You have one shot, EJ, make it count.

  4. leslie says:

    well ej’s f*cked, but i hope bens okay.

  5. ABYSchan says:

    Jackie is rapidly parsing the surroundings for a flight of stairs to throw EJ down.

  6. PlasticInsect says:

    I love how they are coming out of the second-story window. Using the stairs is far too city for them.

  7. Greg Stolze says:

    I think the Jakes are going to steal Ben’s bag, Zorasys will get the controller out of it, and someone will gobble up all Ben’s pills.


  8. Hanna says:


    Even if we don’t get to see what happens, even if EJ gets away with his life, even if all goes to hell and cops somehow arrive to the scene, it was all worth it for EJ’s look in the last panel. XD

  9. EatBooks says:

    OH. FUCK.

    Brilliant way to end the chapter, Spike. I would give you a pat on the fucking back if I could reach through cyber-space.

  10. Skeiphes says:

    |D Can’t wait to see the aftermath…poor Ben.

  11. mivox says:

    EJ, you little shitforbrains, you finally did it this time.

  12. parkrndl says:

    funny how the “FIN” is pretty appropriate here, end of chapter notwithstanding…

  13. rdi says:

    Heck of a place for a cliffhanger. I can’t help wondering where Scip is at this point.

  14. Jamly says:

    My first reaction to this page was manical laughter. It was a tough wait, but the pure hick fury of the top panel makes it worth it. JAKE VENGENENCE ACTIVATE.

    I’m surprised EJ’s eye isn’t bleeding. Leaking? Whatever.

  15. Janate says:

    Well, that was a fun two years. I just went back and read Chapter 5 from the beginning. Poor EJ – you are the past disagreement that is about to be resolved.

  16. The Joker says:

    Someone’s gun’ get GOT~! ;)

  17. Spafoom says:

    it seems i am entering a stage of premature mourning oh dear

  18. CaerRaven says:

    Well. So much for that.

  19. pencilears says:

    Perfect! awww yeahhh!

  20. KS Claw says:

    The best suggestion in this situation would be “RUN!”

  21. Jared says:

    I would not want those crazy eyes lookin at me like that.

    Also, if you read what the shouty fella’s saying all the way across like it’s one word balloon in the top panel he comes off as even more of a crazy bastard than he is.

  22. FrankNW says:

    The Jakes are comin’ fer ‘im, and he’s prolly gonna die. …AND FIN. Simple, I gotta hand it to ya. And funny, after the buildup.

  23. Rane says:

    lol….sorry. I’ve been drinking and before I headed to bed to sleep the gin off I was pulling up the web comics that I follow. There is nothing more delightful than seeing EXACTLY what you hoped would happen, while inebriated. Seriously…I fist pumped. Keep up the awesome.

  24. sammich says:

    took forever to see an ending that was cliche…

  25. CaerRaven says:

    Now I’m worried about Ben. :(

    • Dotcom says:

      Yeah I have the feeling that we may not know Ben as he was anymore–especially since Spike said he was going to change.

  26. Revious says:

    How much unwanted attention is Ben going to get when the police find his bag amongst the various pieces of EJ?

  27. Quillotine says:

    Oh EJ. Karma is real and it looks remarkably like a troop of angry Jakes.

  28. C. Mage says:

    EJ, we hardly knew ya. But what we did know repulsed and disgusted us, and at the risk of repeating myself, you lived a hard life, having to scrape on by using everything you stole from other people and beating down those that resisted.

    But everything’s okay, now….because THAT life is over. Betcher glad to know that.

  29. ChampionHyena says:

    Game over, Eej.

  30. J-Steele says:

    I must say that I am quite happy with the outcome of these events. ^__^

  31. Dart says:

    Hnn hnn hnneh ehheheh hehehehe ha ha Ha Haha HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Never have I felt like more of a sociopath than I did when I was grinning and laughing at this. EJ really brings out the worst in me. Sorry to see him go.

  32. Linda says:

    EJ, you can’t run. Parkour Jakes are coming for you.

    Oh EJ, you dumb thing! Biggs is waiting for you, too. He was your brain and you were his … hmm yeah, what were you to him again?
    And Ben, well… if he survives this (including the missed pills), he won’t be afraid anymore. Neither say sorry (an improvement?). He’s strong, and he’ll be fine. He has good friends, after all.

  33. Bakamoichigei says:

    Shame we won’t get to watch the Jakes carve that dumbass up like Christmas turkey. :3

    I’m glad he’s not getting away with Ben’s bag though…not that there’s any guarantee Ben’ll get it back, or that he’ll want it when he does and everything’s covered with the evidence of EJ’s horrible murder. :3c

  34. Dotcom says:

    Think we are going to find out what Ben’s pills were preventing really soon. D:

  35. Dotcom says:

    I have this feeling EJ is going to escape–though when he solicits, he’ll have to pose as a pirate–possibly with a hook arm and peg leg if the Jakes get him.

  36. Clairikine says:

    Putting that first panel on the list of Things You Never, EVER Want To See.

  37. Jason Thorn says:

    I’m probably going to get slapped for using the reference, but it’s an old saw that still cuts for this example…

    Z E R G R U S H ! ! ! !

  38. Ms. Williams says:

    *in my best Chi-Town Soutshider voice* EJ is finna get CUT! :-D It would be a good time to get a nice, big tarp to avoid getting blood and guts on ya, readers.

  39. Slothrop says:

    That was fun while it lasted!

  40. Yobar says:

    That first panel, for the most part, was what I was hoping for in my head. Maybe one Jake with knife in mouth pirate-style.

  41. T.C.R.M says:

    Bon nuit.