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  1. Moze cares about naming dogs.

    Also Bo been hitting the Joker venom? Because damn that’s a grin he’s got there.

      1. Yes, but I’m saying too bad he is *now.* Can you really see the Jakes letting him out of their sight? There’s no way the band is going anywhere until he gets out of that pickle.

  2. Pit bulls are so cuuuuute. It’s really a tragedy that they get such a bad rap because of people that raise ’em wrong. :(
    @Spelvin: Holy shit, you’re right. I think it’s the eyebrows that sell it.

    1. people like bo, ironically…

      This page is making me twitchy as a result of this lol! It’s just a comic… it’s juuuust a comic…

    2. Seconding pitbull love. I wasn’t a dog person – let alone a *pet* person – until my brother brought a American Staffordshire into our family. She’s the smartest, most loving and possibly the most charming dog I’ve ever known.

  3. I’m wondering what colour are Bo’s eyes? Cause if they’re drawn as white, they must be a very light colour. But is it grey? Light blue? This is going to bug me now. >_<

  4. Okay, acknowledging that this is a fictional dog in a webcomic and what I’m asking isn’t actually possible….can I have one of the puppies? Cause that dog is awesome.

    1. You’ve probably heard this before…but on our side, we’ve got animal shelters, Humane Society, SPCA, classified ads. Gotta be pit bulls somewhere in there, looking fer a home. :D

      1. Unfortunately, it’s illegal in the province of Ontario to breed, purchase, gift, import, or otherwise transfer ownership of a pit bull.

        1. That’s a shame. Pitties are the wuvviest wuv muffins of wuvvies EVAR, even sweeter than Golden Retrievers. The only dog I ever saw make a goozier kissy face than a pittie was a Rottweiler. (Seriously, there was this huge Rottweiler striding along on a heavy leash with a spiked collar and somebody’s yappy little puppy ran up and jumped at his face. I was expecting blood, but what happened was more like, “Hey!–Huh?–Oooohh, awww, ookit the widdoo puppyyyy. Him is a KYOOOT widdoo puppy, ess oo is! Ess-oo–iss!” It was like that cartoon with the bulldog and the kitten.)

          1. Never have been able to sell my wife on pitbulls anyhow. Ah, well, plenty of dogs out there needing homes that AREN’T illegal in Ontario. Heck, apparently she likes boxers….I never knew that. Unexpected woman in many ways.

    1. Hahaha! Weirder thing happen when it comes to dogs. I have a female dog who “humps” our male dogs who are about 1/3 her size. She doesn’t mount them but stands behind and waves her hips to and fro in a humping motion, and because she only has one hind leg he spins around in circles when she does it.

  5. Okay, okay, Bo has officially lost his attractiveness in 2 comics. He looked hot in the first strip (well, the bottom part of his face XD), but now he looks like a rat on crack.

    1. Of course! He’s not got his hound dog face on. He’s got his ‘We’re gonna be rich and I’m gonna be neck deep in groupies’ face on. There’s no effort here, there’s no smarm or street persona. There’s just pure unadulterated joy and expectation at all the upcoming.. um… undiscovered countries?

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