Chapter 5: Lit, page 129.

Oh hey cool

You guys can be fucked-up-face buddies

So nice you two finally have something in common

Go out back and build a tree fort or something, I’ll call you in for lunch

117 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Lit, page 129.”

  1. I quiver with…anticipation.

    MAWR COMICS! (with all due respect to Spike’s schedule ;) ). Can’t wait to see the next horrible fate that may or may not lie for EJ.

  2. You can apply a lot of pressure to ean eyeball before it pops. I’ll answer how I know that if Spike tells how she knows how junkies inject into their stomach when they run up.

    1. I don’t think Biggs was injecting into his stomach. I think he was injecting into the only large, visible vein he’s got left that isn’t totally riddled with scar tissue. It involves opening his pants. If you know what I mean.

    2. Eyes are surprisingly resiliant things. They have a tendency to slide around and deform quite a bit – I’ve seen the x-rays of a construction worked who had a piece of rebar go through his eye socket and out the top of the skull. He kept the eye.

  3. No direct experience, but junkies have been known to inject into the area above their thigh, and it ain’t one in their cock. Attend enough of the wrong parties in the Bay Area and you’ll see it.

    1. Worked in a pharmacy as a teenager, one poor lady was off the drugs, and years later still having the embarrassment of old tracks in her thigh getting infected. Felt bad for her because she just wanted to forget she’d ever been there, but she had to keep getting checked out back and the pharmacist was doing what she could.

  4. Even the biggest baddest enemy has the same weak spots you do. The eyes, knee caps and throat. The right force directed to these areas could make the biggest badass be very afraid. Even better if they are a bully disabling them could cool their jets permanently. But not always. This person is desperate with a vicious criminal and doing this is the only chance he has to get away alive. Too bad she knows where he lives now.

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