Chapter 5: Lit, page 126.


hey guy

guy who’s skull i just caved in

you with the concussion

do a brah a solid, willyaz

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  1. I have to agree with many of the posters here…over a month between updates! I have many artists I read who have “scaled back” to fewer days, yet they still update. Those that cannot keep their schedule due to short-term issues usually either post sketches or other artwork, OR have fellow artists do guest strips. Neither is the case here.

    I am not going to stop reading this strip, as I find the writing and visuals to be be quite addicting. But I’ve gone from checking daily, to weekly, and now it’s on the “whenever” list.

    Many people, myself included, like consistency. Please give us some?

    1. . . . now I’m really hoping for “guest star comic strips”, because seriously, TAZ would be such great material for non-canon little bits. :-D

    2. every time someone bitches about updates for a comic that we read for free, Spike finds something else to work on. like publishing the new book, or finishing poorcraft, or inking her Smutpeddler story.

      I’m betting its just Skyrim though, that game looks BOSS.

  2. i was like “hey imma take a guess and say that templar has NOT updated!”
    it’s a real burden being right so often.
    can’t say i’m terribly shocked.

  3. I know from following her Twitter that she’s working on inking something. I’m hoping the explanation is that a lot is about to go down in this apartment building, and that she wants to have enough ready that she doesn’t need to stop in the middle. I can totally understand that.

    1. Thank you for this info snipper. Would be nicer if Spike could post it on the “news” part of the site, below the comic. But some hope is better than none, I guess. :-/

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