Let’s FAQ.

Hi, guys. I’ve gotten a lot of new followers over the past week or so, I figured I’d answer a few of the questions I see coming up.

How do you pronounce “Scipio?”

SKIP-ee-oh. Although the proper Latin pronunciation is “SIP-ee-oh,” nobody pronunces it like that. This is America. We like to fuck up pronunciations. We are super good at that.

So the short form, Scip, is just “Skip.” I guess you could call him “Scippy,” but I don’t think even his mom does that.

What’s Reagan’s accent?

Reagan is from New York City. Probably Queens. I don’t really wanna nail down the borough without visiting one day, though.

Why are you suddenly updating so much!?

Lotta reasons.

-My new Cintiq shaves about 4 or 5 hours off of production time.
-I’ve been slacking hard due to other projects and feel bad about it.
-More updates means more hits means more money from my ad banners.
-This comic is gonna be super-long and the faster I update, the faster it’ll be finished.
-Kinda just wanted to see if I could do it.

Are you gonna keep up this pace?

Not sure. I’ll try, though. But no matter what, there will probably never be a TAZ page on the weekend. Just FAQ posts, art posts, that kinda thing.

Anyway, time to do Monday’s update. Later.


Don’t worry, this’ll be good.

These two are by Ran Brown and Tom Siddell. And they made my freaking day.

Just so you guys know…

I’m finishing off the script for Poorcraft this week, which accounts for the delay in updates.

Things should be back to normal Monday!

Comic Recommendation: Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell.

Go read it here.

Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell is about a dude who accidentally maims the Dalai Lama, and as a result, has accrued massive, near-insurmountable karmic debt. This is kind of a big deal in his world, where karma is very real and determines a mortal’s fate after death. Without some drastic do-gooding, Darwin Carmichael is… well, I bet you can guess.

It’s not EXTREMELY long yet, so you can still read from the first strip. And I recommend you do. Lotsa fun.

I started a Tumblr with Evan Dahm.


He’s a pretty great guy. If you haven’t read Rice Boy, or Order of Tales, or Vattu yet, you probably oughta fix that.

This’ll be a dumping ground for comics and drawings we make together. Follow us!