32 thoughts on “Chapter 6: Page 5.”

  1. Call me a nostalgist, but I’ve got to admit that I find the new coloring a bit garish, although this might be only in comparison to your previous color palette. Something about the simple earth tones matched the genre and themes of your comic very well.

    1. I too, liked and miss the brown. for lots of potentially very articulate and not whiny and infantile at all reasons.

      Not that seeing the true artificial candy-purple of Wildberry Shanghai Smoke isn’t a lovely thing, it is. and the drape of the see-through pink shawl Reagan is rocking is also quite nice.

    2. The colors appear garish because of the wide gamut – you normally want to limit the palette for a scene and adjust it to appear consistent with lighting conditions of the set. What Spike did was use unadjusted base colors, but she’s just experimenting with shading now (which I may add looks really nice in this page), she’ll figure out scene palettes soon enough and the color will be perfect.

      1. Yeah. To be honest Templar seems like a place where I’d love to live. All kinds of interesting subcultures, a very hands-off city government, and some awesome music. Shame it’s fictional.

    1. You see, that’s my one problem with the colorization, I don’t like how it makes Regan look. Everyone else so far looks fine but she comes across as pinnch-faced and bloated.

  2. I only just now got back to reading Templar after forgetting it existed. Please do’nt kill off Sunny or Moze or Gene or anyone.

  3. The color looks really nice in this update. The color has looked beautiful in the updates but this one is the best so far. It looks more natural and works for the characters better—especially Reagan. Really curious who and why Scipio is trying to get drunk. Wondering also when and by who Ben’s beaten carcass is going to be discovered. The poor guy is going to need 12 transfusions by now.

  4. Ever asked somebody for help and then instantly regretted it? Yeah, me too.
    I think I like the colors in this one because it really brings the characters out of the background.

    1. To be fair we don’t know what qualifications (if any) are required to be a “spiritual advisor” in this world. Maybe you need to pass a board exam, have a degree in pharmacology etc.

      1. Or maybe it’s that psilocibin is a heavy allucinogen and those sometimes create religious delusions … i remember reading something about someone who tried to make an acid-based religion.

        1. Like, this is the warning poster the government makes you put up in your store if you sell shrooms, so Joe Random Head hopefully doesn’t take it without preparation and think he saw something new and improved and go on to wreck a lot of people’s lives? That would explain why the model on the poster looks like Hell.

      2. I’d be very concerned for religious freedom anywhere that government is empowered to license spiritual advisers.

  5. Once again I’d like to say “Yay updates!” in my nicest, not-demanding-anything gosh-I-like-this voice.

    “Yay updates!”

  6. God, that look Reagan gives Scip. If Adolf Hitler was on the business end of that look, he would’ve given up politics and gone back to painting.

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