33 thoughts on “Chapter 6: Page 4.”

    1. Well-played! My new goal in life is to find a situation where I can say “Pippi Ass-kicking Outfit” out loud in a sentence!

  1. love the comic, hate the trendy misuse of cyrillic (studied Russian for awhile, therefore I can’t read this without pronouncing the cyrillic letters correctly, which makes a hash of some of the alcohol labels.)

      1. That was how I read it, I didn’t study Russian for long myself, but long enough to learn the alphabet, so posters and such that misuse it generally drive me crazy. Here though it seems intentionally misused, as opposed to, “hey, Я is kind of like R, and everyone’ll read Д as A, right?”

        1. I’m curious to see what you non-Russian speakers would see these letters for:

          Б Ж Л Щ

          Покажи мне дорогу домой! ;)

  2. I love Reagan. She gives zero fucks.

    (Is it weird that I want to see my girlfriend do some Reagan cosplay? Because she would totally rock that outfit.)

    1. Hell, I want to cosplay Reagan. It’s the douchebags on the cosplay scene that are all “fat people shouldn’t cosplay 3v4r” that stop me. I obviously don’t have quite as much confidence as Reagan. She just makes it look SO sexy.

  3. I love that Reagan is indignant about Scipio’s assumptions about her drinking habits while holding a pint bottle. Oh Reagan, you aren’t fooling anyone.

    1. Someone always beats me to the punch on this. I usually don’t notice that kind of detail, but I was highly amused by this particular bit of similarity.

  4. (Long time reader and first time poster.) I’m built kinda like Regan and wish I had the balls to dress they way she does. It’s rather quite awesome.

  5. Annnd about two weeks since last update. I won’t complain about the updating speed, but rather about updating regularity. One update per week is preferable to 3 updates per week every 6th week.

    1. Eh. Go buy one of the many other comics/comic anthologies Spike is doing if you want more comics from her. This isn’t the big moneymaker on her plate. We’d all like to see more, but you’re not putting forth a very good argument when it consists basically of “but this free thing doesn’t cater to MY reading schedule in very specific ways!”. If Spike has to spend 3 weeks planning Poorcraft 2 (a moneymaker) and then has a two week buffer before she starts a 5 week planning period on Sleep of Reason (another moneymaker), and she wants to stuff as much free TAZ in those two weeks as possible…more power to her. And schedules be damned.

    2. Yeeah, IDK about update schedules personally, but from what I have witnessed comics with more regular schedules tend to get bigger audiences. *Shrug* I mean I am gonna read either way, but I do tend to visit once a month to check updates instead of once a week and I do not think that is as good for revenue generation.

      On a completely unrelated note: OMG Scips face. He is just way to fucking cute for this world.

      1. Like I was saying – pretty sure her anthology/poorcraft projects are what brings in the dough right now. We can debate as to whether regularly updating TAZ would bring in as much money as her anthologies/poorcraft, but I doubt it personally. In which case, I don’t blame her for devoting her time to what generates money. Gotta pay the bills, and can’t wait around for months waiting for readership to pick up after a regular schedule kicks back in.

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