40 thoughts on “Chapter 6: Page 3.”

    1. Looks like Scip found himself the fancy bottles. Presumably the Templar universe equivalent of Aristocrat isn’t in the business of making rhubarb liquers.

      1. Fancy? In handle sizes (The two left ones are obviously handles/1.5L)? No way. Probably taxes and just ’cause they can. I imagine importing them is a doozy.

        1. Bottle size means nothing here.

          Most liquor stores stock their shelves based on liquor type, not brand, with all the vodka on one shelf, all the gin on another etc.

          When you find gin next to vodka next to cognac next to anything containing laudanum, you have found the expensive shelf.

        1. Dystopian? It doesn’t seem particularly worse than our timeline. I mean, none of our cities come without their sketchy neighborhoods, and Kingdom Come certainly wouldn’t be located in a “good” area of Templar.

  1. Oh dang. Scipio looks Leaner and more angular these days. ++ would ogle surreptitiously again. Also…i can’t /imagine/ this is for him.

  2. My first assumption was that inflation has been pretty severe in this alternate universe. But on second look, that doesn’t look like cheap booze at all. That’s probably actually the joke here — “which one gets you drunk fastest” while looking at the expensive bottles.

    1. Scip’s been hitting the Buddhism so hard, for so long, he doesn’t know how vices actually work. From a naive perspective, it’s all the same active ingredient. Why would one sort be more expensive than another, if not greater efficacy or reduced side effects?

  3. Oh, so happy to have them back!

    Housekeeping note: is anyone else noticing a less crisp line with the change to color? It’s only an issue on my semi-ancient desktop…on the tablet the new look is fantastic.

  4. You gotta wonder – did the Chernobyl meltdown happen in Templar’s timeline? Is Pripyat a joke name for the characters, or the readers?

    1. This timeline splits off sometime during the Roman Empire, if I remember correctly. It’s been a while since I went through the archives, but I don’t remember seeing any evidence that they’ve even discovered nuclear fission, let alone tried to harness it to produce power.

      1. The timeline doesn’t diverge from real life so much as run parallel to it. Details are different but major things like Jimmy Carter, Andrew Jackson, and, presumably, the Chernobyl disaster still happened.

        And fission isn’t really a technology to discover so much as something developed from an increasing understanding of physics. It’s hard to see how the templarverse could have the technology to create working semiconductors and the atomic physics behind it and not have come by fission along the way. If fission hasn’t been mentioned in the storyline, it’s probably from its lack of relevance to the story.

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