Chapter 6: Page 2.

Chapter 6: Page 2.

Not thrilled with this page, but it needed to go up already.

Discussion (29)¬

  1. The perspective in that second panel — hnnnngggg!

    I love how you’re slowwwly fleshing out this alternate universe.

    • George Spelvin says:

      The perspective makes it look like there’s a building in the middle of the street.

      Also technicolor Templar looks way too… clean.

      • Oh, hmm… I see what you mean about the second panel. I was entirely distracted by the left-hand side.

      • TR says:

        Yes, I kind of agree.
        Now that Templar is in color, and not in its original black + white, it sort of puts Templar in a whole new world.

        Sort of like: some people like collecting Black and White photos, instead of color ones.
        Probably because, when you look at B + W photos, and drawings, you can make up whatever colors you want, when you look at the black and white drawings.

  2. Pinglederry says:

    Store marked ‘Safe for Cooks’, I see. :)

  3. Atom says:

    the perils of color. Everything gets all wonky for a little bit till you get used to it.

  4. Stacey says:

    Last we saw of this scene, every Jake in Gene’s apartment was bearing down on Elliot. Now Ben’s still lying in the foyer, and otherwise the place is deserted. This makes me nervous.

    • TR says:

      I kinda know what you mean. I think, when we last saw this building, the Jakeskins were about to jump at EJ, with their knives.

      …Now EJ is gone, and he’s not a corpse in front of the building, neither has any of his blood appeared outside the building.

    • TR says:

      Yeah. Me too! No fighting Elliot, or deceased Elliot, is shown here.
      Where did he go?

  5. VoidHamlet says:

    Yes, I tripped and read the sign as Chemical Warfare. Go me.

  6. Jessonian says:

    I like the palette you went with. I’m feeling AZ and city at the same time. I kinda wanted a little more *grunge* in the second panel, though. It looks too clean. Love the banner string over the chemical welfare sign. It’s the little details that really make the world POP.

  7. Vex Godglove says:

    If I ever open my own liquor store, it will be named Chemical Warfare. I pledge this upon my honor (such as it is).

  8. Jason says:

    What? Color is faster? OKAY THEN! I’M IN!

  9. wondering says:

    I loved the black and white and would have been happy with them forever, but this colour is wonderful. It really brings Templar to life. Thank you, Spike!

  10. tristerson says:

    So marijuana is legal in this world? How do I get there?

    • Will says:

      Directions: pop an ecstasy pill (which is also legal here), jump off your 15-foot-tall bed, step out of your candy cottage, turn left and walk for 36 hours while avoiding flying clowns and talking cars. If you come across yourself wearing inversely-colored clothes, you’ve gone too far.

    • oyog says:

      Or you could just move to Colorado or Mass (assuming you live in the US).

  11. Leina says:

    Looks like a dust storm may be moving in.

  12. Rewind says:

    On the last panel, in the bottom right. On the side of the Chemical Welfare store… I see a white elephant.

  13. oyog says:

    Chemical welfare, chemical welfare, chemical welfare, welfare, welfare!

  14. Ziggy Stardust says:

    I neglected to say this before, but the atmosphere shown in this page is very reminiscent of my home city. The sky turns pale tinged brown at the edges, the wind kicks around while the sun shines through the dusty air, and by the time the sun sets you’ve got a couple cupfuls of silt in your hair. God love West Texas.