32 thoughts on “Chapter 6: Page 1.”

    1. Why does this scream “Cook Family” and that smiley face is from Hypatia?

      Nahh, they’re not THAT psychotic…

      Wait, sorry, for a minute there I forgot they were Cooks. I retract my last statement.

  1. Color? :sigh: If you insist.

    (Kids these days, wanting everything in color … in MY day we just had green-on-black computer screens and LIKED them …)

  2. Full-colour :(

    Such a shame, I seem to be the only person who like black&white, or low colour comics, I probably won’t stop reading this, as your story has trapped me, but I am saddened that one of the best remaining monotone comics I read is going colour.


    1. Actually, Spike’s done something quite interesting with the full-color in this scene. Aside from the added dimension of shock we might get from seeing all that blood in color, Spike seems to have given us a deeper view of Templar’s architectural style with the stone floor. The old style kind of made it look like Ben was slumped over hardwood.

      Also, ouch…

  3. Templar could update in text-only mode and I’d still read it

    *crosses fingers that color won’t reduce the somewhat sporadic comic to ‘is that still comic still alive?’ status*

  4. Full colour, just in time for the blood.

    Ben is OK. Ben is OK. Ben is OK. Scalp wounds just bleed a lot. It can still be OK. OK?

  5. I wonder if the switch to full color has a deeper artistic meaning in this case. I know psychiatric meds can dull the senses somewhat. Is the transition to full color part of the story transition from medicated Ben to full-on, balls to the wall, TRIPPIN’ BALLS off-meds Ben?

    Yannow, kinda like The Wizard of Oz only with psychotropic drugs instead of weather-induced dimensional rifts…

  6. Yeah, this is a flashback. Cover image is Ben in the hospital, subsequently, notice the lack of glasses? Ben lives. I think. *eep*

    Also, haters please step off. With all due respect, you need to respect Spike’s artistic vision, fer bobsake. ;)

    1. I wouldn’t go as far as “updating properly” aka as per the schedule, until Spike has done so for two solid months. There usually is a burst of a couple of weeks of updates, then several weeks without anything. And I fear the added textures and colour will end up taking even more time.

      And yes, I realize we get this comic for free, but when an artist sets themselves an update schedule, that’s their voluntary decision. Templar could easily be a 2 or even 1 update per week comic, and I’d still come here every day. 3 updates a week has appeared to be too much for Spike in the recent (months? years?), so why not drop the number to something more manageable?

  7. Hmmm. I’m gonna miss a bit the brownscale,this was the only webcomic i’ve seen using it.
    But color me worried for what this means to the schedule.

  8. I loved the old TAZ, and I shall love the new, colorful TAZ!

    Huzzah for a glorious new look! I can’t wait to see how this story moves forward! XD

  9. Man, I- I think I may to too excited about this being in color now. No, no, wait. I should be this excited. Perfectly natural.

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