Chapter 6: Page 6.

Chapter 6: Page 6.

Giving the counter girl an eyeful.

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  1. batneko says:

    It’s probably bad that I want to drink that, isn’t it?

    Also Ray kind of has a point here. I know she’s speaking in anger, but sometimes you just have to cut yourself off from toxic people no matter how much it hurts. Obviously Scip isn’t toxic, but he’s proven he doesn’t have good taste in friends.

    • George Spelvin says:

      It’s probably worse that I want to watch other people drink that.

      And Scip isn’t toxic; he’s just unbelievably naïve to the point of being delusional. But Pippi definitely is toxic, and people like Pippi are like black holes of crap, sucking everything around them down into their ruined life event horizon.

      • Calandra says:

        I don’t think Scip is naive, he just has faith in people. That’s not always a bad thing, but it can make a person easy to take advantage of sometimes. I think he knew what he was getting into when he took Pippi in. He wanted to change her and save her from a shitty life, but you can’t change everyone.

        • George Spelvin says:

          There’s a long road of difference between having faith in people and what’s Scip’s doing. It’s like this: Christians are supposed to have faith that god won’t flood the world in 40 days of rail like he supposedly did to troll Noah, but they still come in out of the rain in a storm. But Hurricane Pippi is about to dump a shit deluge, and naïve delusional Scip refuses to even grab an umbrella.

    • It’s probably worse that I want to get that outfit for my wife to wear…

  2. Klaatu says:

    It looks like Spike took the comment about wanting to see Reagan’s butt as a request.

  3. Matt says:

    Presumably I’m not the only one who can’t remember what the hell is going on here. Helpful reference:

  4. DoubleW says:

    One of the saddest lessons in life is that even though people are capable of change, it’s often best to behave is though they don’t.

    • MadH says:

      The only problem with that is if they actually start changing or do change, and you don’t recognize that fact, treat it like a fluke, or otherwise put them down with disbelief, that works against it. They might stop changing, get angry, do the opposite on purpose, etcetera

      I mean, assume nobody will change sure, but if they show signs of improving don’t live in denial or anything. I’m sure many a kid has been hurt by their parents disbelief in their ability to change, for instance.

  5. zomg says:

    If the Scip and Reagan show is cancelled my life will no longer have meaning

  6. wondering says:

    Team Scip here – Reagan’s not even giving him a chance to explain and I think it’s good that someone is willing to give Pippi a chance. Pippi has a record and Scip’s got connections – even if she did go and lie to the police, it’s not unlikely it would unravel on her.

    • wondering says:

      And I should add – I’d like to think that she won’t take it that far.

      • SG says:

        I can’t stand Pippi and for that am pretty sure she would take it that far, though perhaps not realizing exactly how terrible that makes her. Then again, maybe she wouldn’t—but I think that’s more because she’d be afraid of the police investigating her.

        With all that said, I’m glad she’s breaking her usual policy of not getting involved in others’ business (Jakes/Zora), and I can see how she’d be super pissed at Scip for allowing this to happen, especially since he’s likely to forgive and allow it to set up to happen again. But Scip does have insurance with his connections and Pippi’s record. Assuming he’s NOT screwed, what’s he going to do about Pippi? I’m glad he gave her a chance, but the kind of person she needs is someone who’s not going to take her shit (like barging in on him in the shower? WTF?).

  7. Weirdling says:

    Reeeeeaaally interested in seeing how Shitstorm Pippi washes out. Been where Reagan is, though. You care a lot for someone and the only time they ask for advise is when they have royally fucked up with some waste of skin and salt. You don’t hear from them for days and then SPLAT! they show up with the shitstorm. She’s saving herself and her emotions by cutting him loose. Wonder how long that will last, though.

  8. Casey says:

    Yep, nothing says “I don’t care about this” like yelling about it in public.

  9. Jamly says:

    Seems that the colorquest is phasing out the background, but Ray and Scip are looking pretty good. Can’t wait to see everything go full blast: the background and architecture are some of the best parts of the comic.

    I have to say, seeing her pissed at him in such a genuine way, even when the dialouge is as funny as ever… I feel like a kid seeing my parents arguing. Hope they stay friends.

  10. La Mettrie says:

    Maybe I’m misreading her, but if Scip comes out of shitstorm Pippi, I don’t think Reagan would cut off ties with him. We’ve heard them argue about stuff before, about romantic choices, etc, so I’m sure they’ve had ups and downs. What I think is that if he gets himself into trouble again, she’s not going to bail him out, not they can’t otherwise be friends. I certainly hope they still will be, because they’re even more riveting than Ben’s storyline, and we left HIM bleeding copiously.

  11. Keith the verbose(and more than slightly annoying) says:

    heh, used to make a punch like that…tasted like a grape popsicle. Highly reccomended that anyone under 190lb NOT drink more than half a solo cup in an hour. ;) brain, liver and kidney damage may result YRMV