Chapter 6: Page 7.

Chapter 6: Page 7.

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  1. Theevilpplz says:

    I’m actually supporting Scipio 100% on this, sure Ray may be concerned, but I think she’s going a little over the line. If Scipio believes he needs to do something, that is his responsibility. And berating him over that will accomplish nothing, and can easily make the situation worse.

  2. bgrybgfe says:

    well, he had balls somewhere. just took a few seconds for him to dig under the kilt to find ‘em

    • PlutoniumBoss says:

      And when the dust settles, I think Ray might have a little more respect for him because of it. Not that it’ll keep her from snarking at him, but still.

    • Rabbit says:

      Except that now he’s blaming himself for Pippi’s actions, which is just ridiculous.

      • SG says:

        I’m hoping he blames himself for allowing this situation to spiral so badly out of control, instead of blaming himself for her actions, but it’s an optimistic hope.

  3. Jrue says:

    This comic is like a 20-car pileup where the characters are the cars.

    • maggPi says:

      This. This line. It ought to be one of those tag reviews that go on the back of the book when this volume (or any TAZ volume, really) gets published.

  4. Teri says:

    I just wanna say I LOVE LOVE LOVE the artwork in the second panel (well, I love the whole derned thing). That look on Scipio’s face. Briliant!

    Ray and Scip are two of my favourite characters. I love scenes when theyre together, even when they’re yelling at each other. :P

  5. cyanmanta says:

    Scip is finally learning that Ray needs to be pushed back when she pushes too far. I think these two could be a great team, provided they learn how to manage one another first. And if dealing with Ray helps him learn how to better deal with Princess Arson, so much the better.

  6. ashleyw says:

    Really enjoying these colored pages. I missed this comic!

  7. Greg Stolze says:

    The poor clerk. “Is this going to be a big-shouting-man-in-a-kilt day? I HATE those.” But Ray and Scip ARE a great team. “She’s a nosy porn clerk who’s seen it all. He’s a martial arts expert and emotional doormat. THEY FIGHT CRIME.” (If, by ‘crime’ you mean ‘each other’s feelings’.)


    • Hanna says:

      I first read that as “they fight Grime”, and in reference to their feelings thought it oddly appropriate. Then my brain caught up with my eyes and made me laugh some more. ;-)

  8. Guest says:

    Could someone explain what the alcohol is for? If it is for Pippi, how would getting her drunk help?

    • leslie says:

      i think its for him, he just wants some pain killer because of the mess he got himself into.

      • netcat says:

        He said it was a gift. So it isn’t for himself. Also if it was for himself he would have just said so at once to distract Ray from ranting about Pippi.

        Btw, I no longer remember how and when they ended up at this store and where Reagan stopped speaking to him. They left Scip’s to go look for Pippi, yes? Reagan was all about coming with him and speaking all the time, then.

  9. Guest says:

    Can anyone explain who the alcohol is intended for? If it is intended for Pippi, how will that help Scip? If Pippi planning on going to the police from the events from Book 4, how will her being drunk change anything?

    • SG says:

      I actually believe Scip when he says it’s not for Pippi, but I have no idea who he’d be buying it for.

    • vitupera says:

      I thought maybe it was for his ex-cop security guard colleague, who pulled some strings for him and dug up all that info on Pippi. On the other hand, I feel like even Scip would know that “tastes like a melted popsicle” is probably not something a grizzled ex-cop would go for.

    • popesuburban says:

      I’m guessing for Pippi’s wretched mother? To pacify her enough for Scip to get the details of what happened to Pippi after she ran off, and where she might be?

    • Hielario says:

      I think he’s on the kind of situation where he needs a drink, but it’s worried someone will see him if he goes to a bar.

  10. Klaatu says:

    Scip has “Capt Save-a-Ho” practically printed on his forehead. I’m with Ray on this one, although she could go about it a bit more delicately.

  11. Tyler says:

    I didn’t think he had it in him. Congratulations, Scip.