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        1. Can those guys even get employment? I imagine a lot of them go to interviews and go ‘that question is bullshit’ at some point.

          1. Notice how she’s working for Reagan at the porn/gun/comics store and not at a “normal” job.

          2. I can picture it now, “So, why did you leave your last job?”
            “I didn’t leave I was fired.”
            “Really,why were you fired?”
            “My boss asked me what I thought of them? I told them I felt they were an insecure dork, prone to mood swings; who would occasionally resort to passive aggressive methods when they felt threatened.”

  1. Ray is a goddess, she doesn’t need to be pretty.

    Ray thinks you can stuff your ‘pretty’ up your ass.

    1. Probably start off with Scipio blundering out a statement like, “We’re not like that.” And then actually noticing this person.

      I like how on the page before our clerk had no coloring (she wasn’t even there to these two), but on this page she’s been colored just as Scipio is realizing there was someone there overhear their little spat. I also like how in the third middle panel the clerk’s hand has been symbolically put in the middle of our two story giants. AND Ray has lost her coloring. I like how Spike is using the coloring here to focus not only our attention, but the overall plot/scene.

      Obviously the clerk is working her way in (no coloring, to a colored hand and hair, and next we’ll actually have ‘her’).

      1. This is why I love the comments, all the subtleties that I missed are brought to my attention, so I can appreciate the art even more.

    2. I never truly realised how long her hair was till that bodylength shot right there. That’s damn awesome.

      1. Oh, me too! She’s beautiful in the “yes ma’am I’ll worship you for eternity ma’am” variety.

  2. Well, there goes people liking the clerk. :) Any pity we have for her overseeing this is thrown out the window. The question is will Scip latch onto what’s left of his anger and tell her to stuff it or is he going back into default “nice guy” mode? :)

  3. I love the panels on this page. I can’t say it enough. Scipio and Reagan in profile, staring each other down from opposite sides of the page, is great enough but instead of using negative space between them the middle panels to keep the tension high from this moment to the end of the page.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. It actually puts me in mind of peak-era Cerebus, before Sim fell in love with great honking blocks of text, as much poster as comics page, using layout to enhance, rather than just contain, story.

    2. I tabbed into this and read as ‘I love the penis on this page’ and then scrolled up. I apparently need a shrink.

  4. What are the odds that this clerk turns into a real character?

    Speaking of which, I really want to get back to whatever Hypatia is up to.

    1. The clerk IS a character. They all are. That drunk who catches Apallo’s bat? Character. The guy in an establishing shot SO close you can only see his eye? Character. They all are and Spike loves/hates them all for what they’ve done and what they are going to do.

  5. I’m the straightest straight guy of them all straight testosterone-laden guys. Mind you.
    But I must admit, Scipio’s got a tiny cute little butt here :-D

      1. I disagree that it’s impossible for a straight person to think Scipio has a cute butt. I also disagree with the notion that it’s somehow compulsory for straight people to let it be known that they’re straight before complimenting the butt of a person of the same sex. :P

        1. LOL. I just wanted to make clear that there was no sexual implication in my sincere appreciation of Scipio’s butt. Sorry my supposedly-funny introduction came out so stuck-up-macho .-)

      2. What you don’t think a man can notice that another man is good looking and be straight? Sounds like someone’s repressing something.

  6. You’re lucky Ray’s outside, counterlady. She will mess you up.
    I think Scip must have trouble sometimes with strangers that are coming on to him. How’s he going to handle something like that? By adorably stammering, probably. Which will make matters worse.
    Also, I had not noticed how Ray and Scip have similar hairstyles.

  7. I must be made of pure anti-drama (I even get along with my in-laws), because I have no idea how getting Pippi drunk will help them do anything but get them charged with corrupting a minor. I suppose I’ll have to keep reading.

  8. Damn right shes not pretty. Shes damn gorgeous, by my standards anyway. But then, I like em big.. mmmm…

  9. I’m thinking that the clerk is more than a little warm for Scip’s form, and wants to show him her etchings.

  10. I am crazy about your work, but as a sometime artist, I will respond to your color comments.
    I wonder if it’s not the color of the objects/characters, but the color of the background. I wonder if you would like (for instance) a very light taupe background and use much the same colors as you have on this page . Also I think it might resonate with the previous palette while still bringing forward some evolution in your style, which of course keeps it interesting for you.
    You don’t have to do it for me–
    I think Reagan is extremely compelling and I could just rave endlessly about what you’ve done so far with social commentary, setting, etc.
    Very happy very new fan,
    Ann T.

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