Let’s FAQ.

Hi, guys. I’ve gotten a lot of new followers over the past week or so, I figured I’d answer a few of the questions I see coming up.

How do you pronounce “Scipio?”

SKIP-ee-oh. Although the proper Latin pronunciation is “SIP-ee-oh,” nobody pronunces it like that. This is America. We like to fuck up pronunciations. We are super good at that.

So the short form, Scip, is just “Skip.” I guess you could call him “Scippy,” but I don’t think even his mom does that.

What’s Reagan’s accent?

Reagan is from New York City. Probably Queens. I don’t really wanna nail down the borough without visiting one day, though.

Why are you suddenly updating so much!?

Lotta reasons.

-My new Cintiq shaves about 4 or 5 hours off of production time.
-I’ve been slacking hard due to other projects and feel bad about it.
-More updates means more hits means more money from my ad banners.
-This comic is gonna be super-long and the faster I update, the faster it’ll be finished.
-Kinda just wanted to see if I could do it.

Are you gonna keep up this pace?

Not sure. I’ll try, though. But no matter what, there will probably never be a TAZ page on the weekend. Just FAQ posts, art posts, that kinda thing.

Anyway, time to do Monday’s update. Later.