Chapter 5: Lit, page 66.

Chapter 5: Lit, page 66.

This page mostly just makes me think of how their parents must have fought.

Betcha the Mancuso family was a barrel o’ laffs every weekend, eh?

Discussion (24)¬

  1. Elk says:

    And so the truth finally comes out. Scip’s altruism never fails to amaze me.

  2. EatBooks says:

    …What does she mean by two years? 0_0

  3. John says:

    My GOD, Pippi’s life has fucked that poor kid up.

  4. Spafoom says:

    I do feel really bad for that kid, oh lord. Her mom using her for money like that seems like child abuse. And being in any kind of sexual situation with an adult when you’re that young (15? 14?) isn’t giving you a lot of points on the “well-adjusted” scale either.
    And I do not want to see what a fight with the Mancuso family was like, especially with all of this grabbyhands stuff going on.

  5. Blag says:

    So Reagan and Skip do have history, right? Right? ‘Cause it really seems that way.

    • Rabbit says:

      You just want them to. But I’m pretty sure they haven’t. Remember Reagan joking about how Scip trims his genital hair into shapes? That wasn’t first hand knowledge – his then-girlfriend told her.

    • Filthy Pazuzu says:

      No, it’s because real friends care about each other, and right here Ray is being the more caring friend, while Scip is totally in denial and – worse – being bitchy to Ray in Pippi’s favor. To be fair, realizing your 2-year ‘friendship’ might end up with you being charged with sexually abusing a minor (& possible kidnapping) could be clouding his judgment.

  6. Papuasblya says:

    Reagan just gets hotter and hotter every time she opens her mouth.

  7. cyanmanta says:

    Scip sounds like he’s still in shock about the whole thing. Only the nicest guy in the world would look at that record, deal with that fire, and still try to absorb a portion of the responsibility. It’s like he’s protecting his own feelings by accepting blame, because he honestly doesn’t want to believe anyone can be as irrevocably broken as Pippi (or at least as broken as she looks right now).

  8. Mary says:

    Man if Reagan was a real person, I would be in Templar right now applying to be adopted.
    No offense to my real mom, I love her–but I prefer Reagan’s up-close-and-blunt aggression to the passive-aggressive type of aggression.
    I’m an up-close-and-blunt type of person myself.

  9. Dotcom says:

    Oh, why don’t they just get sleep together and get it over with already??? XD

  10. pinglederry says:

    I love how Reagan’s accent gets thicker when she’s angry. :)

  11. KS_Claw says:

    Somehow, I keep expecting Reagan to hit Scip in the arm and make him cry like a little girl.

  12. Sulcharae says:

    This is Reagan being loving and supportive. She wouldn’t even bother with his helpless ass if she didn’t care as deep as she does.

  13. April says:

    Thing is Reagen’s right. As messed up as Pippi is, it isn’t safe for Scip to be alone with her. Weather she puts him in social danger or the whole he-said-she-said legal danger. Scip did a stupid (still good, but stupid) thing by takeing Pippi in.

  14. AlmostLiterally says:

    Scip needs to shut up and listen to Reagan, if he knows what is good for him.

    And of course, he doesn’t.

  15. Ubik says:

    Man, I don’t recall Reagan ever being this genuinely angry before. And I think it’s because she’s genuinely concerned that Pippi’s going to get Scip in some serious shit. Crass belligerence is her way of showing how much she cares.

    And poor Scip is trying to save his own feelings (not to mention face) by throwing himself on the grenade.

  16. twinkletoes says:

    i’m terribly sorry to be a pedant, but it’s “judgment”.

  17. Brad says:

    I love that Reagan totally did a FFFFF.