Chapter 5: Lit, page 67.

Chapter 5: Lit, page 67.

Hey, tell me summore about how you guys all think these two should date.

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  1. Logan says:

    Date? I think they should skip all that nonsense and go right into marriage.

  2. ridney says:

    Yeah, Reagan wouldn’t be doing this if Sunny or Moze was involved with Pippi, not even for Ben, I bet. But I have a feeling shit’s about to get real, and that’s going to be something considering how real it’s been for the last few pages.

  3. puck says:

    Scip’s too sweet to have Reagan inflicted on him (j/k), but he seems to be holding his own with her freak out. If they were a real couple, it would take some therapy and/or Reagan learning not to lose her shit at him to work. And I say that as a loud-mouthed, aggressive bitch who loves a sweet, quiet man (who I do not scream at). ;)

  4. WhoTookThatty says:

    Is that Zora in the last panel?
    I love how people are taking the newspost as a challenge.

  5. Lynnix says:

    They shouldn’t date, they should have dysfunctional babies together and let Ben babysit with Gene

  6. Holly Dee says:

    I fight with my wife like this sometimes. Not as physical, and not about banging other chicks, but with lots of yelling. Shit gets intense.

    I think Ray and Scip are perfect for each other. In my humble opinion, no couple who never fights is truly in love, because you always fight for what’s best for the person you love. Sometimes, this ends up very volatile.

    • Holly Dee says:

      And now, I’m gonna go drink a beer and mourn the death of Captain Beefheart.

      Spike, please keep updating every damn day. I’m loving this so very, very much.

      • Carl-E says:

        Seconded. I actually missed three updates because I’d gotten used to only checking once a week or so.

        That, and writing finals…

    • Carl-E says:

      My wife and I used to, also. Then w set up some simple ground rules, things like “never say ‘never’ or ‘always’”. I know, it sounds corny, but it really worked, and moved us to the point where, even upset, we could communicate our real concerns much better, and then the anger wouldn’t last as long.

      Cause face it, half of a fight like this is each person trying so hard to be heard, that no one’s listening…

      • Curator says:

        Thats awesome carl-E, good healthy non-violent communication is the key to a healthy long term relationships/marriage… Some people can be happy in their relationship in-spite of intense arguing, but that kinda stuff ends up destroying most of us…

    • Gobo says:

      Respectfully disagreeing with your humble opinion, HD! :)

    • JT says:

      Just remember — never try to talk stuff out while you’re still angry! You have to cool down first and reassess your actions and reactions. :)

  7. joe dov says:

    ahh… perfect timing pippi.

  8. Bremma says:

    Is it just me, or does the ‘an” in the last chunk of Regan’s dialogue seem off to anyone else?

    Great set of updates though. Can’t wait to see what happens next time Pippi shows up.

  9. Tod Stiles has gone up in the hills with an arsenal says:

    “Slit her fuckin’ throat”? Awww, that’s sweet. Ray’s in love.

    • Hanna says:

      Or just very protective of her friends/family, like me. Make my life difficult and I’ll cope, but make life difficult for someone I care about, and I’ll end yours short. :-P

  10. Dotcom says:

    ♫ “Caaaaaaan you heeeear the loooooooove toniiiiiiight…” ♫

    Don’t know whether or not they should/have/would/will date, but the sexual tension is so thick it could be cut with an old rusty butter knife… XD

  11. Geigernaut says:

    I think Pippi may have just walked back in. This should be interesting. :)

  12. Lhuci says:

    I’m voting on Ben, that poor sod just has the lousiest luck.
    Oh sweet Jesus, I’m swooning, though. I get the feeling that if Reagan was a normal women she’d be sobbing by now, but since she’s Reagan, she just gets louder.
    Love them so bad.

  13. MillieShaped says:

    In their own messed up way, they’re totally in love. Het life partners! ^__~

  14. A says:

    Date? More like… ragesex. Also, I can relate to Reagan, with affection and worry coming out as yelling and cussing.

  15. Braxton says:

    Getting a bit intense.
    And like most everyone, I adore Reagan. But that last line? Ahhh I am head over heels. *grabs popcorn and settles to watch* :D

  16. kaze says:

    you know how the saying goes; when you love some one threaten to knife their underage female acquaintance.

  17. Tod Stiles has a cut a deal with Feds against the other Weathermen. says:

    So where the hell is Ray from to get that sexy-ass accent? The Crescent City perhaps? Because I am getting massive New Orleans flashbacks.

  18. pencilears says:

    well, I’ve seen worse marriages.

  19. Darc says:

    Gotta say, I’m really enjoying the increased speed of updates lately.

  20. norm says:

    I’m also voting Ben.
    Reagan is so effing gorgeous. This is just a beautiful sequence.

  21. Chris says:

    You know, Reagan may seem incredibly obnoxious, but she really just wants to make sure the people she cares about are safe and sound. Look at Gene and Zora. She makes sure Zora goes to school and Gene doesn’t…. umm… whatever dumb thing Gene does.

    • AlmostLiterally says:

      Obnoxious? I think she’s an incredibly awesome badass! And I totally agree with her. Throat-slitting can commence.

    • Jason Thorn says:

      Reagan cares. If she didn’t, she wouldn’t give a damn what happened to Scip. Let him take his lumps from this, maybe he’ll learn?

      No, if Scip gets arrested, Reagan’ll make damn sure the girl will never testify. Because nobody screws with the ones you love without paying.

      Hey, maybe you can call that Reagan’s Law. Or one of them, anyway. Let’s call that one #1.

  22. Lhuci says:

    They may never date but Reagan is obviously sweet on Scip, see we know this because (Captain Obsess hitches up her wagon) in the bonus comic “Confirmation” older Reagan asks young Reagan if she’d marry a Moulignan which is slang for a black New Yorker, then laughs maliciously when younger Reagan is horrified, almost as if she knows something…

  23. AlmostLiterally says:

    Reagan is the ultimate master of tough love. She puts Southern grandmothers everywhere to shame.

    And I’m thinking / hoping that it is Zora speaking in the last panel. Though Ben or Gene would be interesting to see, too. If it is Pippi…Lord have mercy on her soul. Her evil, inconsiderate, bitchy soul.

  24. Los says:

    They should get together. Personally I see an underlying sexual tension between them. If he wasn’t so eager to leave and the interruption I think it’d only be logical for the next strip to find them in a sweaty pile on the floor.

  25. Rabbit says:

    Ahhhh I love Reagan’s face in the second panel.

  26. Marlon says:

    How many of us readers have at least one person who shows their love like this?
    I do. (and I am.)

  27. xan says:

    Well, it’s obvious these two shouldn’t date. They’re always looking out for each other, nothing between them is sacred, and they’re constantly yelling at each other! Hell, they’re practically married!!!

  28. Longtail says:

    I don’t see marriage material, but Reagan obviously cares a great deal about Scip. I believe her when she says she’d go after Pippi…or anybody…that hurt Scip. Reagan’s certainly not the most elegant or tactful person, but she’s intensely loyal to her friends and a very wise person.

    Scip, I am hoping the best for you. Listen to Reagan on this one.

  29. Lore says:

    Reagan’s such a fucking sweetheart.

    Comments were damn entertaining. I hope it’s NOT Zora. Poor thing is already traumatized enough. I mean, at least Ben has drugs for the trauma.

  30. DA says:

    I really dislike both Scip and Reagan, but I consider that a testament to Spike’s writing skills. She perfectly captures traits I have hated like poison in so many real people I know.

    • Papuasblya says:

      Such as loyalty, perception and the eschewal of diplomacy in favor of clarity in speech?

      • DA says:

        Such as cluelessness (Reagan thinks the armed cultists upstairs are awesomely entertaining), dramatic screaming fights, saying you believe your friend capable of statuatory rape, and Scip’s obnoxious nice-guyism complete with Buddhist platitudes. But hey, to each their own.

  31. alexander says:

    you gotta admit, that much fire and passion would make for some damn fine sex. relationship, hell no, occasionally making the springs squeak, yes.

    • C. Mage says:

      Springs squeaking? This is REAGAN we’re talking about. They’ll be lucky if they MAKE it to the bed; Ray seems like the type to grab the nearest wall, floor or item of furniture and hang on for the ride. The only thing that can get in the way of Ray IS Ray.

  32. Dora says:

    I kind of think that any relationship between them would be doomed before they got out of the water, because each would be thinking they could fix the other. Ray would think she’d be able to get Scip to “lighten up”, while Scip would think he could get Ray to be, uh… less Ray. They are just far too different in absolutely everything that counts for any romantic relationship to stand a chance. I, uh. I kind of think Scip needs the female equivalent of Ben or something, and Ray is… I don’t know what she needs. She’s a force of nature. Maybe she doesn’t need anybody.

    I had a pair of friends like this once. When they got along, everything was gravy, but when they fought it was like nothing I’d ever seen, and they’d fight at the drop of a hat. Regardless, everyone still seemed to think they’d be good for each other, like they’d even each other out or something like in some teen dramedy, and eventually after she came off of a bad relationship they DID try to have a go at it. The whole thing just went down in flames. When you’re in a relationship with another person, all the bullshit about them you tolerated when you were friends just seems so much worse and magnified because now they’re not “your neurotic, stick-up the ass friend Scip”, it’s “Scip who I am now seeing a lot more often and disapproves of absolutely everything I do”.

  33. Kysec says:

    Get better, Spike! We love you….

  34. Curator says:

    Merry Christmas:)

  35. Ren says:

    I honestly believe it’s Ben who’s walking in. It’s in keeping with his luck, his mode of speaking to and about them and, I’ve just been itching to see him again.
    Reagan actually reminds me of my aunt. There was a time when a girl at school had it out for me for no apparent reason other than ‘my locker was next to hers’. The girl started antagonizing me daily and it eventually escalated to her shoving me in the hall. My aunt was screaming about kick ass and taking names for at least 6 months…after the issue was resolved.

  36. Mandy says:

    (First I’d like to say I’ve been reading all the way from the beginning for about a week now and I am so much in love with this. Everything about it, the characters, the art, it’s all fantastic.)

    I don’t think that they could make dating/marriage work. Seems to me, Ray would be the kind of girlfriend/wife who throws shot glasses (or her shoe or a cleaver or Ben, whatever was at hand) when you piss her off.

    Although. They might be able to make a sort of notdating cohabitational look-at-others-all-you-want-but-do-not-touch thing work. Or Reagan could, anyway.

  37. Swistle says:

    They should definitely date. But they CAN’T, because then the tension would be uninteresting.

  38. Lovexinfection says:

    I think they’d make a pretty great couple, but that’s just me.
    For everyone that says how different they are would make them incompatible, I really don’t think they’re /that/ different.
    Scip isn’t as much of a bitch as he lets on and Reagan isn’t as abrasive when things are going well. I’m sure after being friends for so long they’ve absorbed a bit of one another, even creating some resistances to some of the bullshit the other does. ( I know with my boyfriend and my friends I have built up an immunity to some of the annoying/unlike me things they do.)

    But that’s just what I think.

  39. Invictus says:

    I like how Scip’s “I can fix it” echoes Zora. Neat, gut-wrenching irony.

  40. dayandnightReader says:

    to say something about the actual comic strip: i am really curious who of the both is right about Pippi…