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  1. FIRST! ….sorry, i just had to…

    I love the absolute horror on their faces at being caught in the act of their version of love making…and I love Zora’s dedication :3
    Aww, Scipio’s all nicey nice again and Rae’s all aloof :D

    1. Lynnix, that is not *DEDICATION*, that is *DESPERATION*. Kid knows her dad is about a quarter-inch away from snapping and killing someone in a permanent fashion. And she was the one who stopped him by promising a fixed controller. Remember?

      “Dedication” is kind of an “awwwww, isn’t she cute!” kind of thing. This is more an “oh fuck, would you c**ts LISTEN” kind of thing.

  2. You can’t stay angry around Zora; she’s like a beacon of adorable mischief that catches every adult’s attention and makes them forget what they were just talking about. Reagan and Scip really do look like two startled parents in the second panel…

    1. Again, this kind of response bugs me I guess. Here is this kid bang-smack in the middle of a violent family meltdown, desperate to keep her dad from killing her uncle, and she’s a “beacon of adorable mischief”? What next, pat her on the head and give her a lollipop and ignore the stuff she’s trying to deal with because she’s just a cute little kid and couldn’t be in any kind of deathly-serious distress?

  3. And, of course, Zora wants to steal one because she wasn’t raised with the notion of legitimate purchase. Their building is a parade of social worker nightmares.

  4. Yay Spike! Glad you’re feeling better. Thanks for the update!

    Is Reagan holding her wrist in the last panel a case of Scipio forgetting his own strength, or is she straightening her glove? That looks like the wrist he was holding onto before. He’s just typically such a sweet, almost timid (and neurotic) guy, I keep forgetting how BIG he is. I think having someone Scipio’s size mad at you would be absolutely terrifying.

    1. Well, he was grabbing that wrist for more than a week. I don’t know about you, but I would be pretty sore if that happened to me.
      But really, you’re probably right. Scip is massive, and even in a kilt he could probably kill a dozen men. And if he does get mad at someone who isn’t Reagan, I’m very frightened for that person.

  5. Holy crap. Reagan being embarassed. I’m glad this is a webcomic and not a movie if only because I would NEED to take a picture of Ray like this to believe it was possible. It’s like seeing Hailey’s Comet.

        1. No, wait now, isn’t there an archaic rule that allows mid-sentence question marks? Or is it only exclamations? You could still pull through this.

  6. Oh that breaks my heart. Regan shooing her away because she thinks their fight is more important, but Zora’s actually right in that she needs to talk and they need to listen to her.

    This? Happens in real life all the time. Adults thinking a little kid’s problems can’t possibly be as bad as theirs.

    Props for putting kernels of truth just about everywhere in this comic, Spike.

  7. Zora is on a mission and is not going to be deterred by your silly adult arguments, dammit. Her dad needs her help. Now stop being loud and dumb and start listening to her >:(

  8. Zora’s going to be the coolest adult, if she doesn’t break by then.

    Ouch. I’ve been in Zora’s place. I’m nearly an adult and I’m still getting put in Zora’s place. Scip, stop being fake nice to her and listen. She’s too smart for that.

    1. Is Scip capable of being fake-nice? I mean, yeah, he’s a bit desperate at the moment for anything to distract him/distract Reagan/change the subject, but… it’s still Scip we’re talking about. xD;

  9. Poor Zoradyne. It breaks my heart seeing her with some stubbles on her head, still wearing the fish clip, clutching her list. She just had to watch her father kill her uncle and she probably knows that she can’t tell anybody.
    I imagine her list either being a list of Templar pawn shops or a plan of action (Reagan calling the school, saying Zora is sick, Scipio and Ben going to pawn shops and the Templar stores of curiosities). Either way, she surely has spent some time on it, writing it in unsecure children’s wrinting and invented letters. My heart goes out to her.

    1. I thought he choked him out, but didn’t actually kill him. I admit, he was looking pretty bad that one frame, but I didn’t think it was death, since ol’ Mama was still talking at him, I do believe.

      Either way, I’m sure Spike will clue us in when the time arrives to revisit the family up there.

  10. Love the last frame. Spectacular.
    That said, heaven help ANYONE who gets between her and a replacement Unagi controller, is all I gotta say. She’s a one-girl force of nature.

  11. Zora’s smarter than I thought she was for her age–her vocabulary’s impressive. Poor little kid always seems so upset…it isn’t the broken Unagi that’s bothering her, is it?

    1. More like it’s the broken father that’s bothering her….every time those Jakes decide to use him for a metaphysical Wikipedia, it breaks him just a little bit more. And she has to sit there and watch, and it’s even worse because she’s no sheep; she can see past all of Feather’s bullshit and she knows what ol’ Grannie Malice is doing, but she’s nigh-powerless to stop it.

      Wouldn’t put it past her to figure out a way, though.

  12. Hmm. I’m not altogether certain if, “Dad broke. Dad broke his controller,” is Zora stopping and starting over, or if she actually meant it as two separate statements.

    1. I would have to agree. As smart as Zora is, to someone that young, Gene would seem very broken indeed. Especially compared to the man she is used to.

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