18 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Lit, page 61.”

          1. Actually, as a consequence of owning a small bevy of pet chickens, I actually know the answer for this! If you have a fussy bird, you put a hand on their back and grab their legs, then invert them. They’ll flap a little, then go limp, and are perfect cuddling companions after that. Nice snuggly warm feathery tv blankets! And to restart you chicken into chicken-mode, you fluff around the ear flaps and set them right-side up (on their feet), and in no time flat they’ll be back to doing indignant chicken-based activities such as bug hunting, toe pecking, wattle scratching, warking, and other such silly nonsense.

  1. I keep wondering if that chicken is some boneless variety, or if it’s just an animal lab test reject, basically chemicalized to the point of having minimal nerve activity.

    Also, Scip getting the non-verbal “told you so” makes me think “it’s about time too”. Because if Pippi’s going to get better, she’s gonna need someone like Ray set her straight first.

  2. Ray looks especially pretty on this page. I’m jealous of her.

    Poor Scip. Trying to be a good person, see the good in all, and help those in need is often fruitless and unappreciated. At least the bathroom is not completely destroyed.

  3. I just caught up, I started reading the comic a loooong time ago but haven’t had the use of internet for a while. I LOVE EVERYTHING. Now that that’s out, I was a little sad that there was no Sunny in ‘Deal Breakers’. Cool that we got to learn a leetle more in EXs, but I’d always love to see him more.

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