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      1. Or the sort of “oh, another (maybe last) friendship gone in my quest to influence and power” sort of kinda sad but no regrets expression.

  1. Haha, Curio’s upset and Tuesday’s all ‘What-fuckin’-ever’.
    That’s the thing about friends, they know where all your buttons are and the exact worst times to push them. I don’t think Curio and Tuesday actually care about each other, though. They both care about what other people think of them, but they couldn’t give a shit about each other. Makes you wonder how two gals like that wound up together- most likely high school, as Curio seems to suggest.

  2. For a moment, I thought he arch and the crumbling/peeling around the phone alcove was symbolic of… something. I dunno what – certainly Tuesday’s world isn’t crumbling. I’m not too sure about Curio’s…

    But then it hit me. Tuesday’s on a pay phone? At home? Or work? Curio called her, after all. So this is all… decor?


  3. Aw, I found the last panel very touching, interpreting it as Tuesday realising she really hurt her friend.

    At the same time, I’m expecting it to be a bewildering scene transition, where Tuesday is actually on a pay phone, making another call to somebody else.

    1. This is kind of what I was thinking, as well. The expression on her face… it just doesn’t seem to fit what we know of the character. More context will help, but it really looks like she’s realizing something terrible and important, and with the context we have, the suggestion is obviously that it pertains to Curio…

      But as you say, we know better, CLEARLY something else is afoot.

  4. Or possibly Tuesday called her voicemail / answering machine, and is listening to this amazing drunk message somewhere, an hour or so after the fact.

    1. Another option is that the pay phone is property of Tuesday, and she keeps it in her apartment. I believe that this is entirely plausible.

      1. That would be an awful lot of effort to go through to make a weird, distinctly disheveled shrine to her personal house telephone. … yeah, I can see it too.

        “Uh, Tuesday — why is your phone …all…”
        “IT’S AAAAAART. Modern media slaves to society declining social values something something irony!”
        “… sweet. Does it work?”
        “It’s AAAAART. … yes.”

  5. Another possibility is it’s just a scene jump. Tuesday’s on the phone, but she’s not really listening to Curio’s rant.

  6. It looks to me as though the pay phone is a new acquisition that has been recently – and perhaps hastily – installed. The extra mortar from the bricks hasn’t been removed/painted over yet. Tuesday could be upgrading her decor!

  7. She seems to be holding the phone far enough away, and if shes twidlling the cord the way i think she is, shes muting the mic , meaning live. She could easily be living in a reclaimed building that was an office building with pay phones.

    1. I think your interpretation that she’s indeed listening to Curio live but pretending not to, is correct. Not sure of the rest of it, though, but then we’ve been given no clues as to how she lives – does she have lots of money or if she even lives in a commune of some sort. (I don’t think she’s with the Rec, but weirder things have happened in Templarverse. =p)

  8. I am probably going to get a ton of flak for this but I rather like Tuesday. It’s nice to see her getting called out, too. I just genuinely enjoy watching her scenes because she is exactly the people I grew up with. Really, she is incredibly believable to me. I don’t know why I would want to revisit those people or why I would even find that endearing, but there you go. Nostalgia. And masochism. Like a birthday cake made of needles.

  9. The body policing of Tuesday is kind of gross, guys. Can we stop commenting on how disgusting her body is? She’s skinny. Big deal. A lot of people are skinny. It has nothing to do with what they do or don’t eat. “eat a sandwich” and “ew gross” comments are harmful and rude.

    1. Agreed. I’m not personally a fan of skinny body types, but calling it ‘disgusting’ is kind of hurtful. Telling a skinny person to eat a sandwich is just as mean as telling a fat person to eat a salad.

      1. Yes, we can’t be insulting the poor fictional character, we’ll hurt her feelings. *snrk* She’s not ‘skinny’, she’s emaciated, an extreme. The other extreme would be a morbidly obese person, like the kind that can hardly get up anymore if at all.

        Wait, I got off topic, point is: she doesn’t have feelings to hurt, we’re not in her universe. LOL

    2. I have to disagree. There’s skinny, and there’s “I can see your ilia”. Tuesday is seriously underweight, which suggests an eating disorder, not a high metabolism. It ain’t healthy.

    3. Wouldn’t be commenting on it if she was skinny. She’s not skinny, she’s a walking skeleton. Reminds me of the images of the Nazi concentration camps, or extreme cases of AIDS patients who’ve been artificially kept alive past the point their body’s already given up. Let’s hope she’s just some weird anorexic sadomasochist and not an endstage [insert your favourite deadly disease here] patient.

      1. It’d be great if Spike could clarify for us whether Tuesday is dieting-skinny or hurting-herself-by-not-eating-skinny.

        And I’m not worried about hurting Tuesday’s feelings in the least because even if she was real, fuck her anyway! I was more concerned for real people who read the comments and who have sticky-outie ribs who might be offended by such comments, but hell, this is the internet and people are gonna be say what they want no matter what, right? I ain’t here to stop you. Just thought Brigid had a point there, is all.

        Anyway, you know what they say about arguing on the internet, so I’ll stop there.

    4. I read it as guys wanting to signal they aren’t subscribing to the conventional dislike of fat women and preference for slim ones. “You can’t be too rich or too thin”. Eschewing that by saying Yes you can be too thin and Tuesday is too thin for me.

      1. It would be nice if we could go for one page of Tuesday showing up without like thirty people going “Eat a sandwich girl” as if it was her job for them to find her attractive.

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