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I started a Tumblr with Evan Dahm.

He’s a pretty great guy. If you haven’t read Rice Boy, or Order of Tales, or Vattu yet, you probably oughta fix that.

This’ll be a dumping ground for comics and drawings we make together. Follow us!

Comic Recommendation: Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell.

Go read it here.

Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell is about a dude who accidentally maims the Dalai Lama, and as a result, has accrued massive, near-insurmountable karmic debt. This is kind of a big deal in his world, where karma is very real and determines a mortal’s fate after death. Without some drastic do-gooding, Darwin Carmichael is… well, I bet you can guess.

It’s not EXTREMELY long yet, so you can still read from the first strip. And I recommend you do. Lotsa fun.