Chapter 5: Lit, page 44.

Chapter 5: Lit, page 44.

Curio we really do need to have a talk about how you chose you spend your time.

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  1. Me Myself says:

    So the radioactive marsh-water vodka gave her a moment of clarity? Maybe she’ll start prophesying next.

  2. pyano says:

    I get that she’s only fighting over Mose cuz that’s what’s happening at the moment and she’s drunk, but still……how come HE gets two pretty girls ruining duking it out verbally over him?

    • KarlBob says:

      I get the feeling that happens to Moze pretty often. I’m guessing his solution of choice is a threesome.

    • CatOfEvilGenius says:

      Yes, I’ve never understood the appeal of Mose either. He’s got that big ol’ teddy bear thing going for him, but I don’t find teddy bears appealing in that way. Is it because he’s a musician? What is it about musicians? Why do the Rolling Stones still get groupies? If they weren’t the Stones, those girls wouldn’t look at them twice.

      • Mouse says:

        I think the appeal of Mose is he’s just… no pressure. There’s no “you have rejected me! I am not good enough!” bitterness. Or “no means keep trying, right?”. Mose is just like “hey, I wanna do it with you.” and leaves it at that. It’s kind of like if a guy finds a girl who says “I don’t like head games” … and then doesn’t play them. Even if she’s not that pretty and not that smart and has nothing going for her really… at least your head isn’t getting messed with.

      • pyano says:

        My personal belief is that for Tuesday it’s because he’s different from any guy she’s ever dated before, or even anyone she’s known before. Curio (and probably all the other girls he’s tupped) just has issues and wants to feel righteous about something. Plus he’s “exotic”.

        • John says:

          I like to think the reason Tuesday likes him is because of the way he was handling her fight with Nicky. He doesn’t care but he was going to give her the record anyways, and he complimented her in a really nice way that obviously took her off guard. I don’t know why she fights his hugs though. I look a lot like a white Moze and the few girls I’ve been with always loved me hugs.

    • lokabrenna says:

      Poor Curio. I get that she’d be annoying as hell to know in real life, but being able to watch her from the outside, I just can’t not give her my full sympathy. She’s got so many issues.

  3. Hanna says:

    Maybe she’s had some of Feather’s moonshine mixed in with her vodka? And why for some reason am I expecting her “I wrote it down” note to be written with blood…? o_O

  4. WhoTookThatty says:

    Curio suddenly seems much, much creepier in that last panel.
    Like, Jakeskin scary.

  5. Mary says:

    I like her drunk. She behaves like people I’ve known over the years. YAY FAMILIARITY.

  6. Zee says:

    Oh, gurl…what a mess she is–but even more strange is the fact that I cannot turn away from the train-wreck of her life, no matter what my common sense brain tells me.

    Great writing.

    Engaging art.

    Love this series. ^_^

  7. Falafel says:

    I think Drunk Curio is my favorite Curio.
    (She’s actually dressed more modestly now than she would be in public.)

  8. Lynnix says:

    Can we keep her drunk? I prefer her tipsy and slightly modest in the sense that she’s not annoying…

    • Carl-E says:

      Drunk dialing’s not annoying?

      • Kaji says:

        I don’t know about you, but if she wrote “it” down (whatever that is), I think we’ve passed by the realm of drunk dialing and into the realm of liquid (courage/stupidity; choose one).

      • Lynnix says:

        On the contrary. Drunk Dialing is pretty hilarious :D

        • Ariane says:

          Yeah, funny until it happens at 3am when you get to go to work the next day :-P I had a few friends who thought it was funny to drunk dial on work nights…. I started calling them to say “good morning sunshine, sounds like you had a fun evening” when I got up at 6 :-D

  9. AlmostLiterally says:

    “An’ I fucked him. First.” The classy way to call dibs.

  10. Maritza says:

    At least for Curio, Moz’ appeal is that he is in Borndown.