24 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Lit, page 45.”

  1. Wait, “Get my tits taken out”? As in, get IMPLANTS removed? That sounds like a rather unpleasant procedure to go through, and somewhat expensive; Suppose going a step further then is necessary tends to be the hallmark of the wealthy, though.

    1. They have to come out some time, either permanently or to be replaced. Implants calcify and therefore harden over time, when you see ones that have gone too long without being removed or replaced, the hard shell of plaque can really change how they move, especially in a saline implant, when having a hard wall on one side of the fluid can make rippling especially obvious.
      So when a celebrity gets rid of their implants, they’re probably not doing it on a whim, but because they were faced with the choice of getting rid of them or getting new ones, surgery either way.

    2. Yeah, the implants have to be replaced at least once every 5 years, if you’re lucky. More often if you’re not. Although I have to say the line “and I’m going to get my tits taken out” has just made it onto my list of Webcomic Moments You Must See To Believe. :-P

  2. So Curio suddenly becomes the hottest character in the comic, in my estimate.

    God, I have issues.

  3. Haha, poor Curio! Gettin’ drunk off her ass and callin’ her ‘best friend’ and just unloading everything. She should stop worrying about what’s real and fake and start making new friends that she can talk to without getting into an argument.

    1. Pretty one-sided argument – she’s talking into voicemail. Or an answering machine. You know, wherever the tech is at this point.

    1. Oooh, that would be harsh indeed. I think Tuesday is contemptuous of Curio but doesn’t outright hate her like she does Nikki. Watch me be wrong about that … ! ;)

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