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    1. Or better yet, let Numbers do the talking. I think we’re in for an epic reveal here! The whores already don’t believe Barney. Will they believe a prole?

      Better yet, was Numbers a former whore herself? That would be epically convincing!

      1. Reclamation of Templar. Arizona is able to legally claim ownership of the building because they have “established continuous, hostile and notorious use of the property” otherwise known to the locals as a brothel- a place where prostitutes work. Although Mr. John may not have anything personal against hookers, his organization is intentionally targeting brothels because it is their place of business. Unless they are automatically given a place in the movement, they will be out of work with no prospects. Even then, would they actually want to live like a Reclaimer?

        1. Out of work? They’re not going in and ousting the whores, they’re working in abandoned buildings. You saw the state of the Circassian, don’t think anyone but the unlicensed has been working there for years.

        2. No, noooo, “continuous, hostile, and notorious” relates to Rec’s use of the property, not the former tenants. It’s a specific legal phrase used to establish squatter’s rights. In that, they must prove that they’ve been there a while, the owners didn’t give them permission, and everyone knew they were in there. That allows them to make the claim that the previous owners didn’t care much what happens to their property, since they didn’t try to evict them sooner, and the squatters can make better use of it.

  1. Yeah.. seriously, Dinah ain’t helping. Has she not heard of ‘public relations’? Or perhaps ‘lynch mobs’, one of the things lawyering has not, generally, been able to do much about.

      1. Less useful, yes. Less likeable? No way, at least not for me. She’s doing the wrong thing, of course, but she’s still insanely awesome.

  2. Dinah… you need to shut up and let Mr. John tell the whores that he’s not after them at all. There is a time and place for lawyering up, this is not it.

    1. On the other hand, the whores don’t seem very keen on listening to what Barney has to say. They’ve decided he hates them and aren’t going to change their minds all of a sudden.

      Most of the times, you just can’t talk people into changing their minds. Especially angry people.

    2. PR’s pretty much wasted on a mob. Terror and armed police have a pretty storied history of keeping mobs in line, though… and whores.

      1. …Using whores on other whores? By Chimera’s Caffeination! Ivan, I think you are on to something here. Perhaps it could even be profitable to advertise the setting upon of the whores, as “whore on whore action”, hmmm?

        1. Wait, wait – I don’t thnk he’s saying what you think he’s saying…

          But I also think I like your interpretation better!

          1. Shhhhhhhh!! I think I know that you know that he thinks what I’m, uh, wait. You know what I mean. There’s no fun in miscommunication if you point it out.

  3. No, this is not the time and place to be trying to appease a mob. They are too worked up to listen. I’m with Dinah. This is an unpredictable mob, even if he goes in with the best of intentions, someone is going to take his words and twist them around in this situation. Someone is going to try to start something.

    At no point has Dinah said anything about the sex worker’s right to work or even their place or business, this has all be about them trespassing and making threats on their property. All she’s done is informed them of their right to be here and the risks they’re taking by trying to start something.

    I understand what John wants to tell the whores, but they have more to lose then to gain in trying to talk them down at this point. If this was only a group of three angry people, this would be a different story, but this is a mob. Keep your distance and record everything.

  4. I think Dinah is starting to lose the high ground in this scenario. She was doing well a few pages ago, but she’s taken a turn for the worse, image-wise, since then. If you can only be in the right on one level, the worst you can choose is the technical level. If she intends to try and sell this scene to the general public, she may want to let Barney speak before her side of the argument starts to look like nothing but legalese. And I agree, she’d serve the cause better if she didn’t come across as cold and acknowledged the legitimacy of her counterpart’s concern.

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