Chapter 5: Lit, page 40.

This is my lawyer, GOD’S WILL. Don’t mind the slavering, she can’t help it when she smells fresh blood.


I am going to jump on a plane to Minnesota in a few hours. I will be at MiX, the Minneapolis Indie Expo, this Saturday! Please come say hi. I’m gonna be at table 15, and be on a Poorcraft discussion panel in the morning. Should be fun.

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  1. God’s Will, not God Swill?

    Poor Barney – Dinah’s on a roll, and even he can’t slow her down! I wonder what Numbers is going to say or do that will defuse everything?

  2. I wasn’t liking Dinah so much at first (viz. my previous comments), but she’s being revealed as more badass as the strip progresses.

  3. For all of Dinah’s Badassedry, I think she is pouring napalm on a match; If reasoned with, I think a decent resolution could be reached between the Doves and Reclamation, but a misunderstanding on the prostitute’s part is about to be ignited by an overzealous lawyer with a hardon for the line, “If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared.” She’s going to inadvertently start a hatchet fight.

    1. Possibly, but only if the prostitutes hold to solidarity. The reactions from the other two sex worker might suggest that they misunderstood Reclamation’s intentions up until this point.

    2. This is what I’m afraid of as well — on one hand I want to trust Dinah’s years of experience handling disgruntled whores and protesters, but on the other hand she’s running in the opposite direction of Barney John’s magical oratory skills, and sometimes you just gotta let the man talk.

      Hell, maybe it’s all an elaborate Good Rec Bad Rec publicity stunt: Dinah as the Feared half, Barney as the Loved; by their powers combined, they are MACHIAVELLI’S RECLAMATION.

    3. You people don’t know enough lawyers; Dinah isn’t fighting yet, she’s laying all her guns and knives on the table for everyone to see, specifically to prevent a serious battle. This scene is the equivalent of a bear charging or a gunfighter sweeping his duster aside to uncover his sixguns– it’s a threat display. She is letting them know in proctological detail exactly how hard she is capable of lawyering them, in the hopes that they will go the hell away and obviate the necessity of following through. A lawyer in Kill Mode would not stage whisper to an assistant, asking about conditions and penalties; she would stand there and hand the pros as much rope as they cared to take, then use it to hang them higher than your grandma with glaucoma on the witness stand at a later date. Lawdogs only bark out in the open when they’re trying to scare someone off; they go straight for the arteries when they’re actually working.

      1. I may not know enough Lawyers, but I do know easily provoked and over emotional individuals that accept money in return for sexual favors.

        Ignore that bit.

        I think that even a threat display by Dinah could potentially cause an over reaction by the Doves, as insofar, their interactions with Rec have been nonexistant. The Doves, from Nikki’s commentary and other preceding hints, seem to have so strong a hold on Templar, that they’d gladly throw down, specifically because the new pup on the block has whipped their schwang out and started marking territory.

      1. What are you talking(writing?) about!?! Gay Hooker Zeus is MADE of Win! It’s hard to pull off the beard/corset ensemble.

  4. I’m split here. Half of me wants to root for Dinah, because she’s just completely full of win, and I side with Rec, but I also want them to come to a comprimise. Mostly because I want to see Gay Hooker Zeus calm down number nine.

  5. Gay hooker zeus. Holy shit. I love that.

    Am i the only one wanting to see this turn into a slap fight, followed by wrestling that removes clothes, tumbling down stairs into a pool of water/mud in the basement?

  6. Still not rooting for Dinah here, though I’m starting to think she might be the one really in charge here. Barney keeps trying, but people aren’t even letting him.

    This can only end in tears. (calling it)

  7. Dinah seems to be the master of the Lawyer Confusion Attack!

    Number Nine there is going to be intellectually outgunned. I wonder if she’ll start swinging here shortly, in spite of the camera.

  8. Hey, this may not be the best place to ask you spike, please correct me if there is a better one, do you know if MiX videotaped or transcribed your panel, I would be interested in reviewing it (Poorcraft has piqued my interest)

  9. to her credit #9 has held to her maximum hip swivel stance during this entire scene. must be years of kung fu training.

  10. Re: Gay Hooker Zeus
    On the day GHZ first appeared, Randy from Something Positive announced that he had a cameo role in Templar, AZ…

  11. Ponytail Reccer doesn’t seem too impressed with Dinah in that last panel.
    Guess he’s still hurting from Dinah’s little slap on the wrist earlier.
    Or he’s heard a speech like this from Dinah before. Kinda got that “Yes, grandma, we heard about the war” look on his face. The former is more likely, though.

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