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  1. A Spanish Knights Templar mission founded in 1704 ? So I guess in this universe the Templars were not disbanded by the Pope in the early 14th century ?

    Yest that is the first thing I think of when I see this page.

    1. Most of New Mexico and Santa Fe in particular were founded by the spanish, with The “Kingdom of New Mexico” was claimed for the Spanish Crown in 1540 and Santa Fe was founded 1608 on top of former Native American pueblo settlements by Don Pedro de Peralta. Along with the Spanish heritage comes a heavy dose of the Roman Catholic; conversion of the natives was the central sign of achievement in the process of conquering.

  2. Man, that last panel makes me wonder what’d happen if Reagan and Tuesday were to go clothes-shopping together.
    Also, crossing my fingers that Sunny’s gonna show up within the next few updates.
    Since there’s Uncle Shep and Curio, that most likely means Moze and Sunny’re involved.

    1. A mere sleeve of whatever Reagan wore would be too big for a dress for Tuesday.. ..maybe that’s why she dresses up in plastic. Well, that or heat insulation purposes.

  3. Templar is a place where you can wear strange vinyl skirt/pants/garter THINGS and no one looks at you weird. Truly, it is a haven of the questionably wonderful.

  4. Is…is Tuesday checking her voicemail? I know phones are different in the Templar universe, but I can’t imagine how you would call someone and they would be able to pick it up anywhere in the city (though that would be super cool).

    1. Several answering machines had a PIN function to trigger remote playback, as far back as the 1980’s in our world. It’s actually a common function.

    1. Well, my cellphone has 12 buttons (not counting the menu and navigational ones), so maybe the extra buttons are for non-numeral things too?

    2. I think it’s safe to assume that the phone has buttons arranged like the old finger holes on a pulse dial phone. As a pay phone, the extra buttons could be “*”, “#” and “redial”

  5. Hey Spike, I’ve been in love with your work for YEARS now. And every time I re-discover this website it just make my life a little more interesting and fun.
    Also, sorry but I think you’ve make a litle mistake on the last panel there.
    I’m pretty sure it’s “Templarios” in spanish, and not “Templariso” like it says there.
    Much love from Brazil, keep it up!

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