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    1. That’s understandable. The fun part is, if Numbers doesn’t just let her in and make it easy, then Jackie’s just gonna have to climb over, and that will get her annoyed. (She’s Jake, she could climb that fence, couldn’t she?) If she gets annoyed ‘cuz she’s had to climb over…then that’s gonna be a fun little chitchat too, ya think? =}

    1. “Amber’s Confessions” is a dirty copybook that’s been mentioned a couple times. Numbers is reading porn in public. XD

  1. “Hi, Jackie”? More like “Hi, JOKER.”

    Is there a Batman in Templar’s reality? I feel like there should be.

  2. Holy Bajeeberz!

    Ha ha ha ha!
    Hi, I’m just a spooky looking person with a big knife + a big fakey smile…can I come into your shop???

    That’s really funny!

  3. Hey, can somebody remind me who these characters are? I haven’t read this in forever and, as fun as it would be, I don’t reckon I have time for a reread of the whole archive.

    1. It helps to check the other comments under each page; if Spike doesn’t name the character in the under-text like she did for Jackie with this one, somebody in the comments will (like with Numbers, the overalls girl).

      1. I think Joe meant not their names, but what they are and what they’ve been doing this far. I didn’t remember who exactly Jackie was either besides being a Jake and related to Gene; or Numbers.

        But the very helpful Templar wiki says that Jackie is Gene’s sister. And Numbers is a fan of Barney John (besides obviously being a Reclamation member) who we saw first at that rally near the beginning that the Cooks made an appearance at.


        Numbers somehow looks a lot different in color. If I had remembered her I still would not have recognized. Less grown up, it seems.

  4. On a semi-unrelated note: thanks, Spike, for making Hare Krishnas creepy by association. There was a group dancing around and singing and drumming and such across the street from where I ate dinner last night near the UC Berkeley campus, and all I could see were the shaved heads and drapey single-tone clothes of Jakeskin. It made it way creepier when one of the younger ones saw me watching and came over to try and give me a pamphlet, too.

  5. Jackie, NO that is NOT how you start conversations. It is found upon in manner societies to smile like that and ask to chat while holding a knife.

  6. Finally got caught up again, at this point. …Wow. Color. By the way, yes, that one’s got a knife. It looks kinda sharp. Please don’t let her in, just yet.

    1. “…just yet.”

      How about “…just, EVER?”

      “…you should NEVER…trust a drug. Especially when it’s waving a six-inch knife in your face.” – Raoul Duke, FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS

        1. Yes, kids, listen to Big Daddy Thorn. He KNOWS stuff. An endless fount of useless information and a firm grasp on the obvious, yes, but he won’t BS you.

        2. Hey, as long as there are tea and tiny cheeses waiting for me in the chapel, I’ll be fine. Just gimme a few hours…(oh, all right, more than a few. Don’t be so literal).

  7. Ugh. Creepy. Don’t let the bat in, Numbers. Keep them bars between ya!
    (Also, am digging that she has a copybook stuck in that novel, heh heh heh!)

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