Chapter 6: Creative Fiction, Page 14.

Chapter 6: Creative Fiction, Page 14.

Trying out watercolor brushes.

Also, editing Smut Peddler 2014. Expect further delays.

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  1. coldfrog says:

    I do not dislike it.

    OK, that’s the kind of ambiguous, meaningless comment I make all too often whose meaning can be lost in the context-free zone of the internet.

    I like what is possible, especially with the backgrounds. I also totally dig Jackie’s dress here.

    I think… Numbers’s face is a little blotchy perhaps, whether intentional or an internet thing or what, though, I’m not sure.

    I like the experimentation here. Since the comic already looks pretty good it’s neat to see different ideas showing up.

  2. monsterzero says:

    I hope she doesn’t hurt Numbers. I quite like Numbers.

  3. C. Mage says:

    …..said the wolf to the three little pigs.


    • FrankNW says:

      Nutcase with a knife? Uh, yeah. Don’t handle it on yer own. *GET HELP. GET BACKUP. NOW.* When you’re right, you’re right.

    • FrankNW says:

      “You mind lettin’ me in for a bit? Just wanna have a quick look around.” “Oh, SUUURE. You’re just gonna hafta go back around to the main intake area in front. That’s all.” “Naw, kin you let me in here?” “No, but you know, you can go back around to the main intake area in front. …Or, did I mention that already? Yeah, that’s where they do intake, in the front. Back around, in the regular intake area.”

    • Jason Thorn says:

      Backup? My brother, you are thinking FAR too small, unless by “backup” you mean “orbital laser.”

    • FrankNW says:

      …’Cuz of all the other shaved-head nutjobs that might show up? I mean…she only looks like one klan girl with a knife. Just sayin’. :)

      • tricksterson says:

        The Jakes aren’t really the Klan. They do have some odd racial theories but they don’t hate non-whites.

    • FrankNW says:

      (Sigh. Lest anybody confuse this unnecessarily, by “klan girl” I mean “a girl who’s involved with a nasty, ugly little sociological syndrome, who might still possibly be overwhelmed by a handful of people by the time you them at her”. There.)

    • FrankNW says:

      (…Darn it. I meant to say, “by the time you throw them at her”. Fer cryin’ out loud.)

  4. BullCityFats says:

    Oh, yes, let her in. Nothing could possibly go wrong with *that* plan.

  5. DCB says:

    Numbers, you really shouldn’t stand too close to the bars, Numbers.

  6. frankenmouse says:

    I LOVE the watercolor effect here. I…haven’t been a big fan of the switch from Sepia to full color, but the added texture of the watercolors really made me reconsider that opinion. It adds a lot of depth that the flat colors kind of washed out.

  7. leslie says:

    dont do it! call your supervisor for the love of god!


  9. zomg says:

    Oh man Numbers do NOT let her in.
    Also yeah I love the graphic quality of this page. Of course I loved the last couple hundred, too ;)

  10. tricksterson says:

    Been a long time and I can’t find either of them on the cast page. Who is Numberrs and, ather than a Jakeskin woman, who is Jackie? And who is she looking for?

    • evilfuzzybanana says:

      Numbers is a young woman who works with Reclamation and is very excitable and completely and utterly adorable which is why no one want anything bad to happen to her. Jackie is Eugene’s sister and she is in town to look for the Elliotts, Biggs because he owes her father money and EJ because he punched her. From what we’ve seen Jackie doesn’t really go in for mindless violence but it still is very unlikely that anything good can come from Numbers letting her in. Although nothing very good can really come from Numbers not letting Jackie in either as she will probably get in anyway and then be very displeased with Numbers. Basically everything is terrible and I really really really don’t want Numbers hurt (ohgodpleaseletNumbersbeokay).

  11. TR says:

    I think that Spike found this film before I did, but: there is a 1971(?) Italian film called “Scipio The African”. I’ve only read about the film. The story of Scip in Templar, Arizona reminds me of the film. The film is a fiction film about ancient Rome, I think. The film stars Mr. Woody Strode. His last name, Strode, is pronounced something like “Strowd”. That’s really cool.

  12. PlutoniumBoss says:

    Unrelated note, I was reading me some Cervantes and I realized that Don Quixote is a Sincerist.

  13. Jason Thorn says:

    Maybe I’m too disconnected, but what’s going on with Spike? Is she all right?

    • thefop says:

      I checked out her Twitter and tumblr just now….fair bit of talk about Smut Peddler and Poorcraft, nothing about Templar in recent days. But she has been posting regularly and as recently as today so I’m guessing she’s alright. Just…not working on templar.

    • FrankNW says:

      Sooo…August now. No pressure, but…nearly half a year now. Just sayin’. :P

      • thefop says:

        If it helps, I went back through Spikes tumblr at one point a few weeks back, and there was something about getting back to Templar sometime augustish. now, as to whether that’s going to be the case? That’s up for grabs. But it’s something anyhow.

        And THAT is why I happened to be checking just now!

        • FrankNW says:

          It helps, though I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I want to allow enough time so that Spike can update…whenever. I don’t want to be one of those people who acts entitled to demand something that’s coming for free anyways. On the other hand, it would be nice to see how the story unfolds. I suppose my response, then, is just to check back periodically. Spike’s all chill, which I like, and of course, she can do as she likes in her own time. I wish her success in everything she does, in any case.

          • thefop says:

            Right there with you…obviously, I’m not paying for this comic, and Spike needs to work on projects that pay. But I WOULD like to know how it all ends, and these long stretches without updates always seem to happen at really aggravating moments plotwise

          • mivox says:

            I’m seriously bummed. I have two Templar books on my bookshelf, and I’m looking forward to finishing the collection, so it’s not like I *don’t* have anything invested… :-/ That said, of COURSE I still feel like an entitled ass for complaining. But seriously, seven months without an update? Really? At this point, I really am not expecting to ever be able to buy more books to finish the series, and that makes me sad.

  14. netcat says:

    At once or twice a year, we’re gonna need to become immortal to see the end of this. Not that there already isn’t enough incentive to do that or die trying…

    • FrankNW says:

      0.o I hope it doesn’t take *that* long.

      • Casey says:

        Nah, I say give Spike a couple of years… I think once she shepherds her sci-fi comic into existence, and once her anthology Kickstarters are routine and/or profitable enough that she can do them in her sleep/delegate some of the work to others, she’ll be back to this. Other than practicing digitally painting whatever catches her fancy, those are the only other major projects she talks about on Twitter.

  15. FrankNW says:

    Ding DING ding ding, ding DING deee…Ding DING ding ding bup! Badoobadooba, ding DING ding ding, ding DING deee…Bup! Badoop doop doop doop doop…