36 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Lit, page 85.”

  1. Nainsook… something else I didn’t even realize I needed till I read up on it! I love that super-soft kind of woven cotton and indeed it would make the best bloomers ever.

  2. Are there pastime optometrists? Does Ben have to go somewhere special for his pince nez? I’d be willing to have truck with them pastimes if it meant I could wear the pince nez.

  3. That statue embodies the principles of Kingdom Come: Guns (the spear, a weapon), Booze (the pitcher), porn (bare breasts) and death (it’s headless).

  4. Has there ever been a map of any portion of the city of Templar on any page? Every time I see an outdoor scene in this city, I wish I knew where it was in relation to the big picture…

    1. Memo to self: next time read what everyone else has added before repeating what’s been said about ten times already. I’ll take this as a sign to get some sleep. XD

  5. Just noticed something…probably intentional, but Gordon’s eyes are rarely if ever drawn with pupils/gleam in them. Dead and flat. A graphical representation of personality I bet, like how people with wider, sparkly eyes are more energetic/intelligent.

  6. I think this is the first situation I’ve seen Gordon in where he doesn’t look like he left his pulse in his other pants pocket….

    1. agreed………poor dude is afraid his P.O. is gonna walk around the corner…….and come one……he just wants to scope a naked girl or two……..doesn’t wanna strangle them even a little bit, honest.

  7. So have the Pastimes been mentioned before or just now? Never mind a cast page, Spike needs to put up a page to keep track of the various cults and oddball societies.

  8. I’m totally imagining her flailing her arms all over the place in the first panel. For some reason that makes me very, very amused.

  9. I feel like when we finally see what Gordy has, I’m not only going to be surprised, but very sad and a tiny bit queasy.

      1. It’s not the Snuggler’s Cave poster, even though it looked like it was at first. Whatever he took was framed, and was hanging above the staff recommendations shelf, while the poster wasn’t framed. It wasn’t shown to the readers yet what it actually was that he took, though. :)

      2. No, it’s something in a frame, above the case with the Cock of Science. If you go back to where Gordan saw it, we could see the edge of the frame. Then after he grabbed it, there was a bare place on the wall where it had been.

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