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    1. That’s actually an archway leading to the front door – you can see the steps at the bottom – like a portico or something.

  1. I went to Colonial Williamsburg with Jen back before we were married. She asked one of the citizens (a judge or something) if he thought it was wrong to keep slaves. I don’t recall his exact words but it was pretty much, “They aren’t mistreated, so what’s the problem?”

    The guy was just an actor playing a roll and his response was probably historically accurate, but she got pretty pissed off.

  2. I’ve been late to point out that the overall scenery of Templar is thoroughly immersive. Such attention to detail, good job!

  3. There needs to be made a “Guide to Templar, Arizona” that would introduce the city and its weird residents… I swear it would sell, and sell well. :D

  4. I was looking at an apartment yesterday and my potential roommates showed me that there was a crappy steampunk bar about a block away, and I felt like I was in Templar.

  5. For the life of me I cannot get my head around drawing intricate/complicated architecture I DO NOT KNOW HOW YOU DO IT.

    1. My guess would be “with lots and lots of practice”. =p (That said, I couldn’t draw a house that didn’t look like one drawn by a 10-years-old child. XD)

    2. the same way you draw anything. by sitting down and DRAWING IT. (this seems a little circular but bear with me, it works.)

  6. The longer I look at the kid posing with the whore, the more I more I start to imagine her facial expression is “Oh-KAY, mom. This is slightly weird.”

  7. Detailed architecture is one thing, but Spike’s buildings look so CLEAN and UNCLUTTERED! *droooool*
    Also, if you visit Alaska during tourist season, the port towns have fake Gold Rush-era red light districts that look very much like that. I always wondered how the middle-aged cruise ship passengers would feel about REAL prostitutes! :)

  8. What locations did you reference for those buildings? I’m from around Richmond and they look super familiar, though it might just be one of those things.

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