Chapter 5: Lit, page 81.

Chapter 5: Lit, page 81.

You know that guy in the office you once caught red-handed going through your bag lunch and he acted like it was seriously no biggie?

Mesmer is that guy.

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  1. pencilears says:


  2. AlmostLiterally says:

    Huge Wacky Boners™

    • norm says:

      *snort* Yes!

      Oooh, crossed a line, there, Mesmer. Although nobody could just root through my laptop without entering a password … ok this is going to be one of those Templar world things, like no cellphones – no passwords on the screen saver.

  3. Today’s life lesson: people are incorrigible.

  4. Kysec says:

    AHHH! Whatever the fuck’s about to happen, what a douche! I was all set to love this guy ’cause of the dress, and now I just wanna piss in his latte so bad I can taste it.

    Mm. That doesn’t read quite right.

    • alec says:

      Really, just now you feel this way.

      There is just a thing about Internet people and horrible men in dresses such that this comment will still be coming up when TAZ has become Mesmer Literally Eatin’ Live Baby Organs Funnies.

      • alec says:

        Mesmer is using his trust fund on that drug nobody likes, so Mesmer has to have an actual day job. Mesmer professionally reduces the amount of your life you can lead without dealing with automated phone trees. Mesmer is ‘snarky’ about a lot of things, but when it comes to automated phone trees, Mesmer is sincere as shit. Automated phone trees are Mesmer’s passion, along with eating babies, which Mesmer prefers to do while they are still at least warm.

        Somehow, Mesmer is constantly, personally up in the relative you least want Mesmer up in at the moment. A midi of the Friends theme plays, even when you turn away from Mesmer or shut off the computer with Mesmer on it.


  5. Boumama says:

    I actually totally get the difference between perv and creep. I used to be a female corrections officer in a male prison. Seen plenty of both. Pervs are actually considerably less scary.

    • KimmQuinn says:

      Holy shit you must be one bad-ass lady. Right on!

      • Boumama says:

        Heheh, not so much. The big secret none of us wants anyone to know is that mostly it’s like being responsible for a bunch of other people’s teenage sons. Regardless of the actual ages of the inmates. I am generalizing, here, but in the majority of my personal experience, it matters little whether you’re a hardass or a light touch, as long as you’re always that way to everyone. That other miniscule amount of the time, when things get dangerous, well. it doesn’t happen often, and as long as you can put off the emotional response till after the fact, you’re mostly golden.

        Shit…I think I just got a job at Kingdom Come, didn’t I? XD

  6. Linda says:

    Is this like the game “there are two kind of people in the world, the “x”s and the “y”s ” ? Because I would never pull off my space pants. So I must be a creep, eh? haha

  7. Charlie says:

    Oh shiitt do we get to find out what Ben writes about?

  8. December says:

    Pervs are the people you want to tell “hey! knock that shit off!”

    Creeps are the people you want to leave, and telling ain’t gonna make them leave. They’ll just get offended that you don’t want to deal with their shit.

  9. Jessonian says:

    Yep, I totally get the pervs/creeps difference. Pervs are completely self-absorbed, and creeps are completely you-absorbed. (shudders)

    As for Mesmer, I wouldn’t mind him looking through my Squeaky Meal, but he better leave the goddamned toy alone.

  10. Bakamoichigei says:

    Err, did Ben really leave his computer there….with Mesmer?! I’ve got a bad feeling about this… Like, the wrong end of imminent hijinks. :S

    • Aboulic says:

      Oh… reading this it only just this second clicked that that’s the laptop.

      The dozen times I read this page, what I now realise is a disposable coffee cup always registered as a gun in a holster (the half dark patch next to Mesmer’s neckline looked to be part of the coffee cup, and though it didn’t look quite right, i could only read it as the handle of a pistol in a holster)

      I thought Mesmer was sneaking company stock under his jacket, and the laptop was the display box he was taking it from, and Gordon was watching him do it, cos Gordon wants guns.

      wow… this page means something completely different from what i saw.

      am i the only one misread it?

      • Sosusk says:

        What could happen when Mesmer checks Ben’s laptop? In case he’s creative enough to get past the password he would find Gigabytes of outer-space-B-porn, which he would publish as copybooks…. which quickly would become the most popular copybooks in whole Templar.
        Imagine Ben’s face when he comes across one in the Sincerist’s Coffee…

      • Hanna says:

        Probably, but don’t feel bad – your first take of it sounds much more interesting, action-wise. :-D

    • C. Mage says:

      I wouldn’t trust Mesmer with a bucket of dead rats.

      • Muddy says:

        Y’know now that you borought it up, I’d like to see what he would do with a bucket of dea rats, and immediately reget it.

  11. Dean says:

    I’m confused. There’s another way to behave on Mars?

    • t3h fake says:

      Yes. Pulling off your space pants on Mars would kill you.

      • brujo says:

        and thats hot as hell

      • Hanna says:

        Actually, just pulling off your space pants might not kill you, if your breathing system wasn’t depending on the wholeness of your suit. It’d feel bloody awful, though, depending on weather (calm/sand storm) and what time (day/night, summer/winter) it was.

        • t3h fake says:

          1) Average temperature on mars is -67F. Neither of the viking landers was on Mars for any temerature above -27F. You can cherry pick a survivable temperature on Mars, but Loyd would have to get awfully lucky.
          2) Let’s say Loyd gets a specially designed suit that allows him to pull the pants off without taking everything off. His torso and head will be at 29 KPa (minimum), but his legs would be at 0.6 KPa. His blood will pool in his legs and he will die from lack of oxygen.

  12. SweenJM says:

    now she is getting on my nerves…….is it wrong to want gordon to kill mesmer and flannery?

  13. FAnboyCrazyTex says:

    Yay incidental stigmata on the plywood headless chick’s wrist!

    Yay comic where I can write a sentence like that!

  14. Cyanmanta says:

    Leaving your laptop unguarded in a place where Mesmer can get to it… is on a short list of mistakes you should never, ever make even once in your life.

  15. diTaykan says:

    Is it wrong that the last panel makes me think Gordon actually has a crush on Flannery and is just too messed up to know how to express it without creeping everyone out?

  16. Hertzinger says:

    I was afraid for a minute with these updates that I would have to start checking back here regularly. Glad to see that’s not the case.

  17. Matt says:

    Is anyone else concerned that Gordon seems to be on a collision course with Lloyd?

    Whatever Gordon’s reaction will be, I doubt it’s the one Lloyd is hoping for.

    Personally I’m hoping for “calmly administers first aid,” just to buck expectations.

  18. Hanna says:

    Anyone know what’s up with the not updating thing? The Twitter feed doesn’t (and generally never has) make any sense that I can fathom.

    • Cthulku says:

      I think Ms. Spike is working on a couple of other projects ATM; Poorcraft and Smut Peddler. Probably taking up a lot of time. Plus it is high Con season.

  19. Danny Boy (London Derriere) says:

    Woops, looks like you can add me to the “All caught up with TAZ, what do I do now?” list.

  20. Danny Boy (London Derriere) says:

    Hmm, whot hoppen to my avatar? Maybe it was linked to this other address…

  21. Kathleen says:

    It took me two days to go through the archive…. school days. what? I have to wait for update now?