38 thoughts on “Chatper 5: Lit, page 80.”

  1. I spent a minute chuckling at the expressions. Freaked out Gordon, never thought we’d see anything other than his dead fish impression.

  2. The expressions in this comic are the best ever. :D

    That said, one detail bugs me… what’s that above Ben’s head in the first panel? A winged vampire monkey in a top hat?

        1. He enjoys CBT, cock and ball torture, or mutilating and causing pain to his genitalia and ass, and people viewing his CBT for degradation and humiliation thrills. Gordon is freaked out because, no doubt, Lloyd is either bruised and swollen or bleeding profusely and giggling on the ground with his pants down (or perhaps he’s finally bled out) right there in Kingdom Come.

          The initial Kingdom Come appearance a few chapters back references razorwire and horse implements and other manner of painful objects when we first meet Lloyd.

      1. She still didn’t want to be the one to deal with Lloyd, though. (Mind you, how’s she keeping her job? She doesn’t seem to want to deal with anything to do with her work. And yes, working in a place like that, the creeps ARE part of the job.)

  3. Just started reading maybe 2 weeks ago. I am thoroughly enjoying myself! I read everything available in 3 days and have been anxiously awaiting an update. GREAT story!

    1. Yes, it’s wrong. But there are so many things wrong with Lloyd that your wrongness wouldn’t even register.

  4. I’m so thrilled to see Templar back in action again. I follow a lot of great webcomics but my weekly trips to Templar Arizona are the ones I look forward to the most!

  5. Flannery… you are a weird one, you and your little chipmunky face… If you love him so much, why don’t you marry him? :P

    1. Because you don’t do the equivalent of going into a partnership with someone who owns the property on both sides of a river when he regularly dynamites the bridge that crosses it.

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