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  1. Maybe Flannery should just tell Gordon off now; she’s in the perfect mood for it. No sense delaying the inevitable any further.

    I remember when Burger King still had the rights to the Disney toys… I’m not sure how old that makes me, relatively speaking.

    1. I dunno, I think Gordon might just enjoy that. He seems like the type to get off on getting under a girl’s skin, whether it’s to make them creeped out or angry or what. I think Reagan’s approach is probably the best.

      1. Based on what we’ve seen of Gordon so far, I’m not sure he has anything that could really be understood as “likes” or “dislikes”, at least by a normal human being. Ol’ Gordy is a stone cold sociopath at worst, and a complete emotional cripple at best.

  2. LEL, at Subway, we had a set of science-themed bags for the kid’s meals. Some had solar system maps or technology on them…but one of them was pink, with an incorrect arrangement of random constellations–the “cute” ones, at least. (Pegasus? Pisces, Cignus, I think….)

    It was company policy to ONLY give girls the inaccurate, glittery one. The educational ones for boys.

    Yeah, I didn’t fucking listen to them.

      1. Or, remembering that Mes was raised on a commune….DON’T nurse ’em till they’re 6. Then they resent the weaning process. And become Mesmer.

    1. Mesmer is a very simple person. He’s super insecure, and wants to be able to control the reactions of everyone he meets so that he doesn’t feel bad about himself. If he deliberately provokes strange gazes, then he’s not the strange one, he’s ‘winning’.

      He grew up in some strange commune or whatever, and I’m sure he got made fun of a lot when he entered society. His response seems to have been to decide that if he’s going to be thought strange, it’s going to be on purpose.

  3. Flannery should just take his anger at Mesmer and do a rage-freakout at Gordon. Wouldn’t phaze Gordon, I’m sure, but would possibly make him go away for a bit and thus validate to Flannery that she CAN stand up to the creepy guy.

    Now I’m wondering if Gordon’s just standing there where they left off or if he’s chewing on some flavoured condoms as if they were chewing gum.

        1. lol, nah, you’re just probably more cultured than me. My statement outs me as someone who saw the Coneheads movie.

  4. The Violent reactions I would get when we ran out of boy toys for FastFoodChainStupidMeals… I’ve been beaned in the head a couple of times with girl toys by raving lunatic livid fathers… Usually through the drive thru window…

  5. First time commenting. Been reading for at least a year I think? One of the few web comics I still read after having started out with maybe a dozen on my list. I’ve been loving it too much to forget checking for updates.

    On topic of the gendered toys in kids meals – Burger King was giving out Marmaduke toys I think, gendered of course, though none of the toys were specifically boyish/girlish. This woman’s son got one of the dog with a bone that you pull out and he chases after the bone and she saw it was in the girl section of the display window and went to the workers and started complaining and whining about why did they give her son a girls’ toy. WTF really. It’s a freaking dog with a bone.

      1. Yeah, I figured that out when I read the comic. Thanks for clarifying, though.

        Also, you should reword your sentence. The structure implies that my statement was the cause of Mesmer’s “shooting spit balls”, and it is not.

  6. I remember when there WEREN’T Squeaky Meals, and the movie-themed glasses (Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Great Muppet Caper, Empire Strikes Back) were actually made of glass. And if there was Chinese-made paint on them (and we all know there was, I mean come on. We’re talking non-seatbelt, toddler in the rear deck, giant television set on a wobbly tv tray, sunscreen’s expensive think of the tan you’ll have after you peel, what kinda idiot thinks he needs a helmet on a bicycle DARK Ages, here) no corporate entity worth it’s stock would have worried our pretty little consumer heads about it….(looks back at her rant, steps off the soapbox dizzily, shakes her fist at the kids on her lawn, totters away)

      1. Heheh, my intent was to illustrate my not-inconsiderable age, not to inflict the feeling of said age on others.

        1. It’s ok, I make myself feel old a lot these days as is. All I have to do is say “when I was a kid, Internet didn’t exist” and I get compared to a Neanderthal or a dinosaurus. =P

          1. I do the same thing to myself on a daily basis. I have teenagers. Awesomely cool ones, but still the whole ‘when I was your age’ thing generally makes me go ‘Dude! Wasn’t that, like, 2 weeks ago??’

          2. Heh, I got a similar one the other day – a person whom I knew to be younger than me, but who is still a friend of mine, mentioned their year of birth, and I realized I’d graduated from the (our school system’s equivalent) high school that year – and it still feels to me like it was just a couple of years ago!

  7. Ummm… Ben? … are you going to… LEAVE all ALONE your computer with Mesmer?
    Really? Maybe I´m worrying too much here… Maybe Mesmer doesn´t know how to use it. But MAYBE he does.

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