Chapter 5: Lit, page 78.

Chapter 5: Lit, page 78.

Okay okay enough of this no updating crap.

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  1. Redo19 says:

    And then Ben realized that Mesmer was intent on “getting to him”. Sheesh, Mesmer’s almost more in-your-grill than Zora.

  2. Asthayanax says:

    And now we see that he’s not just being blunt or whatever, he actually IS just a jack-ass who wants to push peoples’ buttons.

  3. JT says:

    Oh dear.

    If Mesmer were an obnoxious four year old on the inside, it would not surprise me . . .

  4. Namsab says:

    Oh man, Mesmer. I always jump around between hating you for being such an obvious, obnoxious asshole, and loving you for the most awesome catchphrases you throw at Flannery.

  5. Ambrosial says:

    @ Namsab: “Woman I deny you.” still remains my favorite Mesmer catchphrase.

  6. norm says:

    What I’ve got to ask is, who’s watching Gordon?

    • Falafel says:

      That’s what I’m worried about. He could have made off with an armful of pistol ammo and a box set of Retarded Succubus by now.

      • norm says:

        Of course on the other hand maybe if he acquires sufficient weaponry (and porn) he will be able to take the fight back to his homeland. Austrailier, Austrailer Austrailer, we love ya, Amen.

  7. Mordecai says:

    Ahaha, what wonderful lines. And yay Ben, for actually deciding not to stick around for it!

  8. dattgal says:

    Looks like Mesmer looks exited to have a challenge! It looks like he actually gets OFF on pissing folks off. Hmmm, maybe he and Gordon get along very well.

  9. vexgodglove says:

    And here we have confirmation that Mesmer does indeed do it just to intentionally get a rise out of people. I would condemn him, but I used to do the same thing when I was younger. The difference is, I grew out of it.

  10. Mary says:

    Wow. I almost feel validated by the fact that there is another person, albeit fictional, who takes the phrase “It takes a lot to bother me” as a personal challenge.

    Validated and saddened.
    Also heartily amused.

  11. lokabrenna says:

    Fuck it, I love Mesmer. Last few pages, I’ve been trying to figure out if I should feel guilty about that or not, but I can’t do it, I don’t have it in me. He’s exactly my kind of character and I love him!

    • Jakob says:

      Hey, that’s nothing to be ashamed of! We like characters for being interesting, not for being nice or the kind of people we wouldn’t claw our own brains out because we talked with them.
      I mean, hey, one of my “types” of favorite characters include psychotic girls whose endless sufferings have led them into screwed up ideas on the concept of love, with capitalization on the insane part.
      Others are sadistic characters using their sociable and nice sides as a means of torture, not to mention the type of somewhat normal character who is thrown into a group of people who is incredibly different from the norm and mostly rather aggressive but who still like and compliment said character.
      No seriously, I like seeing “normal dude” get compliments. It’s awesome.
      Obviously, Ben’s my favorite in Templaraz, and I’m very, very happy he is back in action after his long break.

  12. FAnboyCrazyTex says:

    Yay, updating!

  13. Pseudo says:

    Remember, Gordon is on three ‘no-sell’ lists, because he is a special boy; completeness dictates he make off with guro as well. On the other hand, he seems to disciplined for petty thievery. Spike will surprise us with whatever’s going on out there.

  14. Angfdz says:

    Man I think I’ve been reading Mesmer with a gay accent, which is probably wrong.

    Anyway yayyy updates!

    • wut says:

      Dunno, that is a pretty gay grin he’s working toward Ben in panel four.

    • pouly says:

      odd, because he hasn’t pinged my gaydar in the slightest before this page, haltertop or no. the way he’s leaning across the table to get at ben is making me seriously reconsider..

  15. Jenny Islander says:

    Ben: Not interested. Lunch with this chick you like to upset is more interesting than you.

    I predict a giant flaming Mesmer-snit within five minutes after the two of them walk out.

  16. Ben has had enough of this silly shit.

  17. Calandra says:

    <3 Mesmer.

  18. Balesir says:

    Hmm, this may even be Mesmer’s (rather pitiful) idea of making a play for Ben. If Flannery picks that up on some level, it would explain her being miffed, too. If it is, Mesmer will definitely go ape, now.

    Or maybe not.

  19. BossMuro says:

    I like how ben almost seems like he’s about to open up about all the issues Mesmer pointed out, but Mes is just like “I don’t care what you’re saying, I’m just gonna KEEP ON PRODDING YOU.”

    • Bryy says:

      I know someone exactly like Mesmer. The only difference? Whereas Mesmer obviously just likes fucking with people, Person B is dead-serious.

  20. ColdFrog says:

    Damn, I was so hoping he was a sincerist. At least then I’d feel he believed he was saying these things because that’s truly what he wanted to know, and I could have liked him a little. Ah well, it’s his own fault.

    (at which point I realize that I am talking about these characters as if they’re real people, which reminds me how well they are characterized. I do love this comic!)

  21. C. Mage says:

    It’s not that I hate Mes, I really don’t. He’s a great character, but therein, as the Bard would say, lies the rub: the things he does are things I find dislikeable. It would be bad enough that he just didn’t care, but to find irritating people as a personal goal?

    Yeah, Mes. Go there. Hope your medical insurance gives you great benefits.

  22. Greg Stolze says:

    BEN: Mesmer, does Ben have to fuck a bitch up? Is… is that what this is about?


  23. Buz Murdock, solo artist says:

    Mesmer is an asshole, there I said it. He’s an asshole; they are no shades of gray here, just pure unadulterated assholeness.

  24. pyano says:

    Okay Mesmer is definitely one of my favorite characters now.
    I imagine that he stops being interested in people once he’s gotten to them. (Which is why he dislikes Flannery because it’s too easy to make her mad, which bores him.)

  25. MM says:

    Oh, God, Mesmer’s my dad.

  26. Cino says:

    “Morning, Sir. Retarded Succubus? Psh. You’re into that, huh? Naw, s’okay. No judgements. Out of curiosity, though, are you poor? You look poor. You’re poor, right? Hey, do you actually have a house? Where’re you gonna watch these things? Am I bothering you? Please, tell me I am.”

  27. KimmQuinn says:

    That said; I think Mesmer is an awesome character.

  28. Chris says:

    I think I see where this is going. Ben and Flannery go out to eat, but while they’re gone, Mesmer screws up and sells Gordon a gun.

  29. Scip says:

    He’s a man on a mission, I tell ya what

  30. M says:

    Man I thought Mesmer was just being blunt on principle, you know? Now that he’s obviously just a dick, I like him a lot less.

  31. John says:

    Y’know, I want to see how Flannery thinks she can *make* him stop…

  32. tias says:


    shut up Mesmer

  33. Scott Bieser says:

    If this were Templar, Texas instead of Templar, Arizona, Mesmer would be getting a two-by-four upside the head right about now.

  34. Dreaming Pixel says:

    Mesmer: “Could I do it in an hour?”
    Ben: “…”
    Mesmer: “Challenge accepted.”