Chapter 5; Lit, page 82.

Chapter 5; Lit, page 82.

Flannery would never belong to any club that would have her as a member.

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  1. AstroZamboni says:

    AND… Ben commits his first shockingly terrible faux pas. Nice going, dude.

  2. EatBooks says:

    Flannery! <3 <3 <3

  3. Brad says:

    The “ME, EW” has a pleasing rotational symmetry to it, not unlike Flannery’s eyes in the same panel. :)

  4. monsterzero says:

    Engaging total cognitive dissonance in three, two…

  5. myles says:

    Aw, Ben’s smile in the first panel is adorable and Flannery’s expression of shock and disgust is hilarious. It’s her eyes,I think, that do it.

    Worth the wait.

  6. Kas says:

    I don’t see disgust so much as I see the desire to maim.

    Poor Ben. You can tell by the break between his speech bubbles that he was thinking “wait, should I really say this?” before saying it anyway.

  7. Dotcom says:

    “Creeps keep quiet for, like, fifty years…” Ho boy! Forshadowing for Ben’s character? 8|

  8. Kysec says:

    Worth the wait.

  9. AMC says:

    This is a refrain of all the hipster/emo people I’ve met who claim they’re not hipsters/emo

  10. Minivet says:

    So wait, why does Ben implicitly classify Pastimes as a subset of perverts, and Flannery accept that definition? Are they all about having sex in period costume?

  11. Jamal K. says:

    She likes them perverts, and she cannot lie.

  12. D. Walker says:

    “So that was Mrs. Lundegard on the floor in there next to the fellow with his pants down…

    …and I guess that was your accomplice in the wood chipper with the babies…

    …and those three people in Skinner…

    And for what?

    For a little bit of sex.

    There’s more to life than sex you know.

    Don’t you know that?

    And here you are… and it’s a beautiful day…

    Well… I just don’t understand it.”

    (with apologies to the Bros. Coen)

  13. Em says:

    Now, what exactly IS a Pastime in this context?

  14. Kim says:

    That Face.

    Oh my god.

    It is the best of faces.

  15. Jleavitt says:

    Flannery isn’t a Pastime. Pastimes combine both a anachronistic fashion sense along with holding and acting out past ideals and concepts. They want to live in the past. Some of them “talk Latin at you.” Some of them give up all their legal rights to their father. Some of them don’t believe in germ theory. Some of them refuse to mingle with the Modern World. It’s a collection of ideas based on the concept that the modern world is wrong and the past holds the answer. It has a very specific, negative connotation in the Templerserve. It’s basically like calling someone a cultist.

    Flannery just likes old clothes. Someone like Ben might think she’s a Pastime cause of the retro look, but she’s understandably horrified to be lumped in with them. They’re WEIRD.

  16. Jleavitt says:

    Also Flannery’s 20s thing is too modern – I think – for most Pastimes. The Pastimes seem ultra conservative – they want to go back to Imperial Roman Paterfamilias – miming the look of shocking liberated women would not be up their retrophiliac alley.

  17. Ricky D says:

    This is me, out on a limb: Ben was joking?

  18. AlmostLiterally says:

    Wait, so is Pastimes a Templar thing yet to be explained, or is it something in the real world that I’m just to naive to know about? I read Jleavitt’s explanation, but I’m still confused.

    Also, Flannery is quickly becoming one of my favorites. “Creeps keep quiet for, like, fifty years. Then they put everybody’s BABIES in a wood chipper.” is a quote on par with the “Huge, wacky boners” of last week.

  19. ColdFrog says:

    Flannery’s got some serious witch face going on in the first panel…
    “I’ll get you, my perverts… and your little dong, too! NYEAH HEAH HA HA HYAAAAH!”

  20. Tiff Hudson says:

    Hmm… Creeps keep quiet 50 years then throw babies in the wood chipper – I’m 51 and just hired a Fargo-sized chipper. Coincidink?

    Aren’t Mose’s family pastimes?

    • Hanna says:

      I don’t know if the Nile people count, as they merely have their ancient religion going, not completely refusing to live in the modern era.

  21. Twilytgardnfaery says:


    Flannery’s reaction is just priceless. I mean, were I her, I’m sure I would be equally furious, but it’s still humorous from an outsider’s perspective. And leave it to Ben to be so honest and bring about the explosion.

  22. Dreaming Pixel says:

    Man, she looks like he just accused her of cannibalism. Flannery’s reactions, for someone who works at Kingdom Come, are completely priceless.