Chapter 5: Lit, page 72.

Chapter 5: Lit, page 72.

Hi, Mesmer.

(Brownie points for remembering Mesmer.)

Discussion (37)¬

  1. John says:

    Lord, Mesmer’s a jerkass. Doesn’t he ever work?

  2. Pearle says:

    What the hell is he wearing? Seriously. That jacket does not go with that dress. And the scarf clashes with his stubble!

  3. EatBooks says:

    Flannery, what’s a nice girl like you doing working in a place like this?

    • Hanna says:

      I’ve wondered about that for a long time now. Maybe she started out hoping to meet interesting people… before realizing how weird the really interesting people can be.

      • C. Mage says:

        The problem with meeting “interesting people” is “interesting” doesn’t mean “good”. Good example; the halfway point between “innocent bystander” and “murder suspect” is “person of interest”.

  4. Erin says:

    I remember Mesmer!

    I don’t remember Mesmer in a dress. My day, it is made.

  5. ridney says:

    Oh Mesmer, as if I could ever forget your camisole and poor work ethic.

    That second panel is really nice: anatomy, foreshortening, line-weight — the outfit is just icing. And come to think of it, ENDEAVOR, BITCH is a good motto for anyone to have.

    • maria says:

      I hate today’s impulse to slap ANYTHING even half way clever or “ironic” on a t-shirt, but SERIOUSLY…I want that on a fuckin’ t-shirt :P

  6. Greg Stolze says:

    Send Ben out to deal with Mesmer. “You think YOU’RE passive aggressive? Motherfucker I will passive-aggress you into the GODDAMN GROUND.”


  7. Twitching says:

    I just like that it’s “nut-torture lloyd” – nothing like the regulars, eh?

  8. redo19 says:

    Forget the dress – I want that jacket. It looks like it belonged to a Russian mobster.

  9. Mary says:

    “ENDEAVOR, bitch” has now entered my vocabulary.
    Also, that looks like a biker jacket from the late 80s and ohhh my god I love those things.

  10. AlmostLiterally says:

    Well hello again, Mesmer!

    Seems like Ben is still comfortable at Kingdom Come. I guess I would be too, if I lived below the Jakes.

  11. Rabbit says:

    Uhh I thought Mesmer was female? Why am I the only one surprised by the stubble?

    • Johnny B. Average says:

      I noticed the stubble but was waiting for an Official Ruling (TM) on Mesmer’s gender identity.

      • Ridney says:

        I recall from one of the UStreams that Spike said he didn’t attach much importance to his mixed-bag clothing choices. Mesmer seems to be primarily concerned with A. Does he like it? and B. Will it fuck with people, especially girls’ dads?

    • AlmostLiterally says:

      I thought Mesmer was a female at first too. I had to dig back into where we first met him. Was confirmed that Mesmer is a guy by people referring to him as ‘he’.

  12. AstroZamboni says:

    Why do I have this sneaking suspicion that Ben is going to save the day while simultaneously digging himself into a hole and saying too much?

  13. BrianS says:

    Rhetorical question, I know: Does Mesmer actually do any work around Kingdom Come?

  14. Lukas says:

    One of those times when my sense of aesthetics collides with my strong protestant work ethic, eh?

  15. Nixie says:

    If you ask me, Flannery is the only one who has an ounce of instinctual self-preservation. As we all know, there is something seriously, SERIOUSLY wrong with Gordon.

    • Hanna says:

      There’s something seriously wrong with most characters in this comic. :-P

      And like Ray said (I think she said, might have just implied) before, Gordon only comes to the store to stare at people BECAUSE it freaks them out. Ray just tells the rules she has to abide with, to him and he goes away.

  16. Zac in VA says:

    I’m convinced Mesmer is somewhere on the trans spectrum – he is wearing a dress and lady-boots, seems to have breasts maybe?, and I’m intrigued. Whatever he’s got going on, he’s pretty rad.

  17. Kerowyn says:

    I have to tell you, “Endeavor, bitch” is my new personal catchphrase at work.