17 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Lit, page 43.”

  1. That’s how I talk on the phone! (Physical positioning and facial expression.)
    But I’m sober all the time, so maybe I’m just weird.

  2. Prypiat Vodka: The least toxic thing to come out of the Zone of Exclusion.
    Prypiat is a city that practically belongs in Templar’s universe. HIV+ vory squat in abandoned military housing, sitting atop stockpiles of stolen military surplus, relatively safe from the law as most law enforcement does not like to go into Prypiat, due to remaining background radiation. You wish I was making that up.

  3. Curio’s a mess on legs but I really feel badly for her. She wants so hard to be someone, to be accepted, to be one of the cool kids… and she goes about it all wrong. She’s just so needy. I want to give her a pat on the head. Even rich kids can be socially inept.

    1. Oh I know, I want to like Curio but she is too needy and tries to hard. She just needs to be herself and getting away from Tuesday will help that.

    1. Maybe you’ve fallen into a dimensional drift and ended up in Templarverse? Found yourself missing the recollection of time recently? (Sleeping doesn’t count.)

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