Chapter 5: Lit, page 22.

Saying “I told you so” is classified as a hate crime in three states.

Totally true.

In the forty-seven others it just makes you an asshole.

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  1. I just love how different storylines start to come together to create both new ones and make some of the older ones more interesting. which, considering to all the wonderful characters, is impressive. you just need to hitch a ride and bring you brains.

  2. 1) She DID tell him that Pippi is damaged goods that Scip can’t fix. 2) Will problems ensue if Ben has to take his meds along with him when leaving the apartment? 3) I hope Ray flies off the handle at Scip, then tracks Pippi down and gives her another earful. :-D

      1. We are mad at Pippi because she is hard on Scip (a character we empathize with) and because she is Pippi. The ‘why’ behind her personality is less important.

      2. We are mad at Pippi because she uses these things as an excuse to be a jerk, instead of trying to work through them. Having a bad past doesn’t excuse douchiness.

      3. Plus that the statutory rape is rape only in name in this case. She slept with the man willingly, possibly to “one up” her mother. And I’m also mad at her for lighting a fire in the building where everyone we care about lives.

      1. Ok, you’re thinking of the Third Law of Motion, not the second. Also, it’s “To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction.”

  3. Like I said before we even knew Pippi was going to attempt to set the apartment on fire: “it’s on.”

    and boy is it ever.

  4. Question is, What states is “I told you so” a hate crime?

    I figure: Louisiana, South Dakota, and Ohio.

    1. I’m betting on California, since we seem to be anti-fun.
      Although, if marijuana is legalized…
      Could be MA. They seem to have some crazy laws, most of which are just so ancient and obscure.

      1. We in MA have decriminalized marijuana, and we still have gay marriage.
        We’re winning this battle dammit!

  5. I don’t think Rey’s angry, her eyebrows are up. She’s looking like “Holy Hell. This is some shit right here.”

    People should start listening to Rey more, I think.

  6. I wonder if Reagan might be more mad at the fact that Pippi was such a shit to Scipio – the nicest guy in the comic. Sure she told him so, but I bet she’s way more angry with Pippi than Scip.

    1. Probably – the rest of us tend to be too – but Pippi did a runner, so she’s left with Scip to yell at. :-P

  7. Not a single person commenting on the pillbottle?

    I don’t think he EATS that cereal. I think he was keeping his pills there because he KNOWS people don’t eat it.

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