Chapter 5: Lit, page 23.

It’s more fun to suggest intimacy via catty bullshit bickering than it is to do so with snuggles and kissins. Try it sometime.

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  1. Poor Zora looks somewhat traumatized in that last frame. No big surprise there, but still, moving to see, with her poor little bald head and stress eye-lines…

  2. I love the suddenly audible “OH FUCK YOU”. Betting that’s coming from Scipio, actually. Reagan’s speech bubbles seem to shrink in the face of Pippi’s craziness.

    No, Ben. You’re staying right there. Well, actually, you’re going to deal with Zora’s crazy family and get knifed to hell.
    But if he does end up leaving Zora alone there then I will hate him a little bit, even if he had no way of knowing what just happened.

    1. It’s the pin she used to have in her hair… when she had hair. She’s been carrying it around since she go her haircut.

        1. Because children are treated like dogs by the Jakeskins.

          If poor Emma saw Zora’s haircut though… ugh, poor thing. She’s probably only 20, right?

        2. I think it was because Gene didn’t object. He does object to having his own hair cut, but Zora’s hair probably wouldn’t even register for him.

  3. Oh please don’t tell me Ben’s going to take Zora to Kingdom Come…

    …. actually I’d pay money to see that, let’s go.

  4. Aww…there will either be a nice Ben/Zora bonding moment…or as suggested already, Ben’ll take her with him to Kingdom Come. I will enjoy either situations; either we get a nice emotional moment, or we get the hilarity of having a child in a porn and gun store. Can’t wait to see what’ll happen.

    1. Ehh, better not have Zora anywhere near guns right now. She’s not been really digging Feather, and certainly after Gene’s blow-up would prefer the crazy team moved on and left her and daddy alone. Don’t want to add guns into that mix. :-P

      1. Considering that, maybe we DO want guns added into the mix. >:D Or I do, at least. Poor Zora deserves better.

        1. I’m sure murdering someone she is supposed to love in a fit of rage would have nothing but positive effects on the girl…

  5. @_@ the cosmonauts of Jake say I must wear your scalp as a meat helmet to protect my sweet brainmeats from the Enclave radio frequency.

  6. It’s a good thing Scip’s showed up to distract Reagan to keep her from asking about the medicine bottle. I’m surprised she didn’t say anything to Ben about hiding it in a box of cereal, and he was doing kind of a crappy job about pulling it out and hiding it behind his back. She’s nosy like that. Then again, she did stop harassing him about the Copybook, so maybe she chose not to say anything. Scip’s issues are probably a lot more interesting now.

    1. That’s what I’m thinking; Reagan had the box in her hands before Ben even came into the room. Personally, I think she’s going to come back to him later (after whatever enjoyment lobbing ‘I told you so’s at Scip wears off) and be like, So Ben, what’re the drugs for?

      1. Actually I wouldn’t put it past Reagan to know what they’re for (certain medications are very use-specific), but she might not jump Ben about the cause for taking them until after she got him cornered somewhere.

        Although I -could- imagine her blackmailing Ben into letting her read his (unprinted) copybook in exchange for not telling the others about Ben’s problems. :-D

        1. IF I recall correctly which I probably don’t and I’m too tired to look, Ben’s medication was Lithium…. which makes it very likely that his particular medical problem is Bipolar Disorder (one of my brothers is bipolar and uses Lithium).

  7. What would be funny; is that once this Scip”s situation claim’s down, she go back to Ben’s apartment and take his meds (since he might put them back in that box again, but new location). Then she’ll either do one of three things 1.) steal his med’s for a while and see what Ben’s reactions going to be like (plus get some giggles out of it too) 2.) confront him about his med’s and make Ben tell her everything about his past or 3.) when she find out about his med’s, she’ll do some research and will find out the Ben might be worster than the Jakes and pippi put together. I believe before this story is over, Regan is going to scared of Ben.

  8. Mmmm. Catty bullshit bickering. And make-up sex. And furniture on the lawn. And late-night trips to the ER. And restraining orders.

    But mostly the make-up sex….

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