Chapter 5: Lit, page 21.

Chapter 5: Lit, page 21.

Aaaaand we’re back.

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  1. Jen Aside says:

    I was just thinking that Reagan carries herself well for a big fat woman. Like, she’s very round in places where most fat women are droopy.

    [I should know]

  2. Thatty says:

    Oh my god oh my god Reagan’s reaction to Pippi starting a fire that is just going to beKLAJFDSKLA.
    Is this what it feels like on Jerry Springer right before the “I slept with everyone but you (including the dog)” confession?

  3. Rabbit says:

    Omgosh Ray is SO CUTE in that one panel. I just want to hug her.

    And yeah, I can see what you mean, Jen. Her legs actually look pretty slim.

  4. pencilears says:


  5. Wood says:

    …so, my appartment is kinda on fire. Do you think I should call the firemen ? I mean, maybe they’re busy, I wouldn’t want to disturb them…

  6. Cyanmanta says:

    Poor Reagan. She must have been planning this torture for days, and now she’s got nothing to work with.

    Ben’s remarks about his editor make me think back to that very first phone conversation. We need to get unmedicated Ben on the phone with his boss and watch the sparks fly. Pierce sounds like someone who just likes to belittle his subordinates because he hasn’t risen as far in the business as he wanted to; I suspect Ben would eat him alive if he weren’t holding back.

  7. Bunny says:

    Ah HAH!

    Ray’s wearing teeny shorts under that awesome dress. So no chance of risking butt or front-butt exposure…


  8. DCB says:

    Welcome back Spike! Damn if you don’t open the door with a nice dose of awkward.

  9. Niall says:

    Subtle removal of pill canister I see. I read through the page 3 times before noticing.

  10. norm says:

    Love. Reagan is so awesome. The world is there to entertain her and usually doesn’t disappoint.

  11. ZiggySkyedust says:

    What sane, self-respecting woman would wear such a short dress without any sort of backup plan? Not Reagan, certainly. Also, hugging her unsolicited would probably just be asking for all sorts of trouble.
    Pleased to see an update, as always. Can’t wait for the story to advance!

  12. soof says:

    Comic!! finally!!! After such a desperatingly long break, and it starts with its whole awesomeness, Ben, Reagun and Scipio. They are so amazing people, and even if their daily life is certainly bizarre, their problems feel so everyday to me. Thanks for grat comicking!

  13. Pseudo says:

    Fourth panel = priceless.
    Also, does that, er, garment Reagan is wearing have a real life reference, or was it created just for her?

  14. Jerry says:

    I’d *love* to read that death threat. Such bile.

  15. Zen says:

    I see what you did there, Ben.