37 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Lit, page 20.”

  1. Dearest Spike,

    I am considering this sexy beautiful page (rife with possible foreshadowing) from you a birthday present.



  2. Ray’s outfit is amazing.

    Also: I thought Ray said it was — in her words — ‘it’s tiny… all minuscule n’ shit’?

  3. My favorite page yet. Ray’s hair is a wonder. I love the way she and Ben are posed in the first panel–it says a lot about their relationship.

  4. God wants everyone to have big black cock apparently. God is a weird guy. Also, damn, that is a pretty dress.

  5. I have a feeling that Feather’s been telling Ben the same happy hippy stuff she’s told Reagan (plus their Numbers and such), but that Ben’s really seeing the Jakes for what they are (humanity count-down made flesh), and Feather doesn’t like him being in the know. So running the happy hippy article might (which I doubt) convince Feather that Ben really bought her load of crap and isn’t a threat to her covert operations.

    1. Also, the routine demon possessions happening directly above his head I’m sure must be coloring his opinion some XD

      1. Angel. He was supposedly possessed by an angel. Honestly, though, it looked more like he was just out of his mind from the Whatever The Fuck they made him drink.

  6. Spike, you have just shown me in that first panel exactly what is wrong with all my figure drawing. Your people have such flow and life! Their postures tell you everything you need to know about their personalities. You almost don’t need words.

    But then, those are such perfect words XD What a way to say ‘they are knife-wielding, alcohol-drinking zealots who seek interracial breeding’. Oh, Regan. We missed you.

        1. More likely than not… although it might have some swearwords too, considering her usual style of talking. :D

    1. Yeah, I JUST now realized there’s no right sleeve, either. (Why yes I am rather slow on the uptake, thanks.) Her right hand is actually coming out from under her skirt, which is…interesting, but how inconvenient is that?

      Maybe she’s left-handed.

  7. On an entirely unrelated note, I am LOVING Rey’s outfit in this one. Personally would maybe not be quite so nekkid with it, but damn that is cool

    1. The more i look at it, the more it looks to me like she just took a sleeveless dress and is wearing it with only one are poking out. if you look at the neckline, its crooked but if she wore it with both arms out the top, it would be straight. I think anyway..

  8. Welp, I’m finally caught up. Got here through Bite Me!, and…just wow. The webcomic is great. Of all the ones I’ve read, this comic has the most interesting characters, by far.

  9. I’m loving the comic as always but is there a reason that updating’s become so… sporadic? I never know when to check for a new update.

  10. Is anyone staying current with the Twitter stuff? Someone know the reason for why no updates? (I don’t do Twitter, and what’s current in the bit here on the webpage makes no sense to me.)

  11. I found this comic a couple years ago, but it wasn’t far along then so it ended up slipping my mind until about a week ago. I finally managed to get back into it and I’m glad I did. I am proud to add this to my vast collection of webcomics.

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