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  1. Gordon from the shop. Gordon who is on all the do not sell to lists. Gordon with the rapist eyes.

    Oh my god why does he have access to all these weapons!? We should all be finding really, really good hiding places right now. Oh my god.

    I never thought this guy was actually going to be a character we’d see again. Holy crap.

  2. Oh no. Gordon.

    Knew he was coming back.

    That is a crazy looking gun. Are there real guns like that, or did Spike dream it up? In Templar I can never quite tell…

    1. Wait, that’s the same gun the Jakes used when hunting for Elliot. That Jake dude dropped it on that little pier, I guess Elliot kept it.

      I wouldn’t put it past Templar to ban gunpowder-based weapons, leaving people with ramshackle spring-loaded zip guns though, it’s just eccentric enough.

      1. I’m pretty sure zip guns still use regular old bullets, gunpowder and all. They’re just use homebrew methods of firing the bullets – such as a length of pipe for the barrel, a nail and an elastic band for hitting the primer. Dangerous from both ends.

        This gun looks to be something similar – doesn’t seem like the kind of thing you’d be able to buy in a store, and the jakes don’t seem to be the kind of people to get licenses too easily.

        1. The important part about this gun is that it has no numbers. From Mama Jakes interpretation of her son’s… trance state, she concluded that a gun without numbers was important.

          Personally it sounded just like any oracular statement waaaay to open to interpretation.

          1. I understood that as unnumbered = non-Jake. I thought Jake = numbered from the revelations bit that talks about a certain number of people to be saved in the end times.

  3. Auugh, Gordon! I’m excited. I was interested in him before–I have a strange taste in characters, perhaps–but now I’m all ears (eyes?)

    Aaand I see they are trying to sell the Jake-Gun.

  4. Yeah, I didn’t expect to see him again. Maybe we will get lucky and he’ll rip out EJ’s tongue and have it for dinner.

  5. I love that they had the presence of mind to steal the gun off of the Jake that tried to kill them and then proceded to fence it to a fucked up murderer. That’s the circle of life down there, that is.


    1. Elliot James Adair. Biggs seems like he initially stuck with EJ because he felt some sort of responsibility (to quote Scip: “In a basic, Cro-magnon sense”), now we know he’s got no choice but to have him around or the Jakes will have at Bigg’s relatives. Funny how it’s easy to overlook someone you don’t know shit about, because on the flip side it’s the biggest deal when you’ve heard everything about a person before meeting them.

  6. Hello, Gordon and Gordon’s pubes. I feel like any time spent with Gordon is essentially one big awkward silence, with undertones of “ohgohgodohgodohgeeze”.

  7. Wait, doesn’t it make more sense that the Elliotts are fencing the gun because they used it to commit a crime? E.J. totally killed the Jake and now the Elliotts are trying to hide the evidence.

  8. EJ is remarkably hostile to the notions of being upset over traumatic experiences in one’s past and confiding such experiences in other people.

    I’m gonna go with “abused”. Maybe he was hit every time he cried as a kid or something.

  9. Man, if I were Biggs, my first order of business would be seeing to it EJ met some horrible end before he got ME killed WITH his terminally-stupid ass.

    It’s just one stupid thing after another with him, and sooner or later he’s going to get Biggs killed. Not to mention that “I’ll tell Jake where your mom lives” stuff. Damn. No. Right there, dead. If this keeps up, the best Biggs can hope for is that he gets to watch whoever catches up with them butcher EJ first.

    But hey, the return of Gordon brings up a good question… If his flat is fulla damn weapons, why was he trying to buy a gun at Kingdom Come? That was like a week or two ago at most, right?

    I’m going to guess that, given the apparent single-shot nature of the gun, it’s possible that instead of trying to fence it, Biggs took it to Gordon to see about getting it reloaded. (As I assume they at least shot AT if not shot/killed Marcus)

    Also, I lol’d at “We use our inside voices at the murderer’s house, EJ.” like he’s trying to reason with him out of sheer irony at this point.

  10. Biggs’ words make me feel some sympathy for Gordon, whereas my initial reaction was “oh god creepy dangerous stalker guy.”

    1. Same here, except my reaction was “creepy dangerous psychopath, I hope someone kills it”. Though you’ve got to remember, just because there’s perfectly understandable and not at all his fault reasons behind his transformation from person to psychopath doesn’t make him less dangerous.

  11. “We use our inside voices at the murderer’s house” That is quite possibly the best line in the whole comic

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