Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day, page 85

Some of you probably wonder why Biggs tolerates EJ at all. That is, apart from EJ’s recent threat to rat out EJ’s family to the Jakes. You’ll see.

Anyway, this is the last page before I head to Fallcon in Minnesota. I’m going out a day early to chillax with Abby and Diana, and we’re gonna try to do a UStream. So, watch out for that.

That’s it… apart from next week’s big launch of my Kickstarter project. More on that when it comes.

Later, gators.

23 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day, page 85”

  1. So now we’re really in alternate history. There’s a civil war in Australia, and it’s as ugly as Sierra Leone or Congo, with kid soldiers and all…

    1. I’m a little surprised the child soldiers were not fighting for the whites, given the entire generations of Aborigine kids rounded up like cattle and stolen away from their families to be “civilized.”

      1. There was no real war level resistance because the settlers devastated them. Once you destroy the majority of the culture, the kind of spiritual emptiness left makes it too easy to essentially do whatever. Nowadays, the government gives them all the money they want, which they use to buy drugs and grog to try and fill that gap. And I’m not talking about city Aboriginals, or the families that actually have managed to get on their feet; I’m talking the pockets of old timbertowns and once-settlements. And no-one publicly complains about this behaviour because there’s a national guilt about it all, like their behaviour is justified, like its balancing out what happened. But it doesn’t. It just makes everyone secretly resent each other more. All the figure heads of either side of politcs and equal rights can say what they want, but at the end of the day the avergage Aboriginal person believes their past history justifies being a doll bludger pisshead that no-one can complain about, and the average Caucasian thinks that the Aboriginals are just trying to take advantage of the “pity” attitude of the government, expecting everything to be handed to them because of their race without actually working towards it. In many ways, they have more oppurtunity than most people, but the small-towners are just not ambitious to interact with a country that is, today, not their own and fucked them over. In my opinion, we hav gotten better since the past, but now we are stagnating. It’ll take much longer for relations to actually get better.

  2. The Brit’s did some nasty things over there a long time ago. I guess they met something else than peaceful animists, or that they themselves were far less powerful in TAZ’s history.

  3. quick note for culture fans!

    In Australia, there’s no evidence for cannibalism in the NSW area, but there was some up in the Torres Strait, which is here: (TS Islanders are Melanesian: ethnically & culturally very different people). Cannibalism is the region is mostly a Melanesian peoples thing. Melanesia is made of lots of islands:

    Fun facts!

    The translated name for human flesh in several Melanesian dialects is ‘Long Pig’

    There are still PNG Hill Tribe groups who believe that it is abhorrent for a creature that is less than a human to eat a human (e.g. worms, scavenging pigs, beetles), so when a relative dies the whole family has to get together and eat the corpse as part of the funeral rites.

    1. From the context, it doesn’t sound like cannibalism is a cultural thing in this history’s Australia, it sounds like it was an act of desperation.

    1. It is disputed whether Australia is considered an island or not. Eg, quoting wikipedia “Australia – owing to its size and isolation – is often dubbed the ‘island continent’ and variably considered the world’s largest island.”

  4. I just read the Kickstarter bit, and my ignorance shone through my skull. I didn’t realize you were from DC, Spike. I was born there and lived there for 4 years before living a life where I was carted all around the US. 16 years later, I became an anthropologist, and not even the US borders can stop my nomadic tendencies now. 8D

    Cannibalism. Hmm, I wonder what’s next…

  5. With the talk of cannibalism ritual it could mean a large influence in Melanesian ideas maybe even leaders in this resistance. One we don’t have in our own world just yet. That is I have not heard of any armed resistance in Australia (largest island and continent) at this time but that could change. Maybe some Melanesians have hijacked this NWO from the Aboriginies.

    Also its abduction, since the children aren’t held for ransom but dragooned into a military. And children can be quite cruel too. Such abductions are wide spread in many conflicts around the world not just in Africa.

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