Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day, page 84

Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day, page 84

EJ and Biggs are steadily gaining on Scipio and Reagan as my favorite characters to write for.

Discussion (21)¬

  1. Furious Sterling says:

    EJ is totally being the jealous spouse right now.

    • Thatty says:

      Huh. He reminded me of a clingy child more than a spouse. Maybe it’s because the “wait in the hall” line is very parental.

      • Furious Sterling says:

        It’s the “What are you REALLY doing in there” and “who is this guy really” comments that makes me think angry spouse. Biggs probably does see him as just a kid though.

  2. Brad says:

    He’s so aggressively co-dependent, it’s pretty weird. It’s like Stockholm Syndrome turned up to 11.

  3. mivox says:

    I don’t understand how Biggs can even deal with him. He’s like a dangerous dog who talks back.

  4. pencilears says:

    damn that’s a lotta locks.

  5. Yeah, banging on the door of a safe house for a violent extremist group is really not a good idea.

  6. maritza says:

    Biggs is just his hostage, I swear.

  7. Kodiak says:

    Haha, E.J goes ಠ_ಠ in the last panel.

  8. AdamZero says:

    I really would have prolly just left EJ to die.
    I really would have. Maybe. Prolly.

    • Agent Kaypar says:

      I would have cheerfully used him as a bullet shield.
      …okay, maybe that’s a bit much.

    • Brent B says:

      Oh hell yes. I would have fed that bastard to the Jakes as soon as he started shit. What benefit is there to keeping that worthless fool with you?

  9. Bob M says:

    Bullet shield… hell, I would have clued the Jakes on to his location and watched as they ripped him to shreds.

    How has EJ managed to survive this long with such a short fuse to get him into trouble and such a tiny brain to get out of it? If the answer is “Biggs” then I have to root for the Jakes. Actually, I do anyway — where EJ makes the blood pressure rise, the Jakes are kind of fun in a murderous-hippies sense.

  10. Jason Thorn says:

    EJ would have sold him out first chance he got.

    I used to have a “friend” like EJ. He’d get himself into stupid trouble he could have avoided then blubbered to me and any other acquaintance about how he needed help. And I know if he needed to save his own skin, he’d sell me or any of his other “friends” to escape judgment.

    And he had no idea why no one wanted to hang out with him.

  11. ThunderGun says:

    Uuuugh! I really really NEED Ej to die horribly soon.

  12. The Blank says:

    EJ really needs a Nulla Nulla to the head