Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day, page 79

Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day, page 79

Aaaaand SCENE.

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  1. The Prof says:

    Let the M__________ F_________ Burn !!!

  2. Brigid Keely says:

    “I feel a lot better already.”



    If you feel better, that’s… good. I guess?

  3. Blues Sista says:

    Fire bad. o_o

    *curls up into a ball*

  4. maritza says:

    Oh Scip. You’re adorable. But you’re going to get murdered in your bed by this teenager. That or you’re going to wake up to find a disembodied chicken head next to your pillow.

  5. mivox says:

    Scip’s kind of a big, stupid oaf, isn’t he? :-\

    • tendancy says:

      I imagine that he easily trusts people, typically only seeing the good in them. Perhaps when he observes someone doing something selfish or cruel he’d think they are misguided, meant well or will do the right thing in the end.

      He just has an idolized view of humanity. Does that make him stupid? …Maybe.

  6. John K says:

    is she trying to burn down the house!?!

  7. Thatty says:

    Didn’t Scip mention that his apartment is non-smoking earlier in the comic?
    Pippi should be covering her ears to brace for the incoming VWEEE VWEEE VWEEE.
    Or whatever sound Scip’s fire alarm makes.

  8. Kat says:

    If that’s the last page in the scene then I doubt any lasting harm comes of the fire. Once it lights up and gets going Scip can smell it, put it out, then Pippi can yell about it and be done. Probably.

    Everyone who noticed that the curling iron was unplugged gets a cookie.

    Anyone who thinks that curling irons wouldn’t normally start fires has clearly never curled their hair in TEMPLAR!

    • Kruu says:

      It was unplugged..till the last frame.

    • Ariane says:

      So paper burns at what, F451? My fancy new curler heats to F212 on the very hottest setting. :-) Whatever Curler 5000 Turbo she has obviously should not be turned up to full for doing hair…… ha ha. That would smell TERRIBLE!

    • mcemily says:

      Actually, the curling iron IS plugged in, in the last panel.

    • Kodiak says:

      It is plugged in in the last panel.

      Scipio is in dire need of some Reagan right now. Or perhaps always..

    • 2E1HSB says:

      Friend of mine (Well, someone I went to school with) was silly enough to leave her hair straighteners on the rug at her house after unplugging them.

      Apparently telling a Fireman “but I unplugged them!” doesn’t stop the embarrassment of making an insurance claim for everything you owned in your life because of a pair of £10 hair straighteners.

      So yeah, you’re right, they may be unplugged, but they take AGES to cool down.

    • wirrit says:

      Welll… If the next scene is more than 10 minutes in the future, it’s probable that no lasting harm comes from the fire.

      But what if the next scene or two take place -immediately-, or at the same time as the Scipio-Pippi conversation? Just from a different group’s point of view?

  9. Tod Stiles knows what is in men's souls--Heroin and candy. says:

    That is a huge-ass white belt Pippi is wearing. And also, their relationship is fucked, or is it? Or it is. Or is it? Or it is. Or is it? Lemme think, yeah, totally is in that weird-revolving-camera-angle-shot as Papillon runs over to his friends, but then discovers that they shouldn’t be there because they are dead, then he wakes up and some time later, decides to nearly eat a cockroach, or probably does eat a cockroach or whatever. Did I mention that Scip and Pippi’s relationship is fucked, or at least forever off-kilter.

  10. R3u says:

    On the one hand, it’s -possible- that no lasting damage will come from this fire, that Pippi will keep it in the bin, etc. …but on the other hand… She could also keep the door locked, and flee out a window or something.

    Spike has just set it up so that she is fully justified to interrupt or end any scene in the near future, nomatter how dramatic or important it is, with the words “…do you smell smoke?” — and possibly do it more than once, if she’s in the mind to set up a couple of scenes that are chronologically simultaneous.

    If it burns the building down, I’m wondering how the various building residents would react. Just imagine that evacuation.
    “My horrible wax things D: *sudden burst of RAGE / possibly pays people to help carry horrible medical things into the street!*
    “!! A Jake household is under attack!” …or maybe they’d be perfectly chill about it, or maybe they’d run from the cops (or not run; and end up in a standoff), or possibly more interesting unpredictable things, if Gene was propheting at the time or something.
    *covers the story!* O_O
    *clucking like a madchicken, probably trying to flee*
    *tries to deal with either the Jakes, Flora, or Bash but probably can’t do all of them at once*
    *either helps or freaks out about how fascinating all this is, maybe hits on the cops and/or firemen*

    Just imagine being the emegency response people trying to calm -that- down. I mean, seriously. The worst case scenario here is incredible.

    • R3u says:

      … Note to self: Anything in angle-brackets ends up being treated as html, rather than being left readable. Um. Oooopsie. “My horrible wax things” was attributed to Dr. Bash, and the lines in order after that were for: the Jakeskin, Ben, Flora, Scipio, and Reagan.

      Sorry for mistake + double-comment.

  11. TM says:

    My guess: Pippi can’t get over her past yet because she is crying while she destroys the rap sheet. With Scip being oblivious to everything she is doing in the bathroom how can he know any of this. He is assuming the best, due to his personality, and I guess there is still a lot of room for this story to grow. I think she is definitely on the right track, sure right now burning your past doesn’t seem to good, but at least this symbolic gesture can lead to positive growth of her character. Can’t wait until we get back to this.

    • TM says:

      Also, if you look above the sink she PLUGGED IT IN. Just thought I should point that out. And other than the rug (which we don’t know what it is made of) it looks like the floor is linoleum and a mass fire is very unlikely. And Spike just said it was scene so if the apartment was going to flame up I don’t think they would end the scene right now, that is just bad writing.

  12. Phill Evans says:

    Poor old Scipio, he’ll HAVE to redecorate that dunny now!

  13. Kat says:

    OMG I know. She unplugged it when she went to talk to him and plugged it back in before the last panel, after gathering all the papers into the trash.


    I’m tempted to pitch a curling iron/hair straightener thing into a garbage full of tissue and paper to see what happens. Spike, if I light my house on fire, don’t feel bad. It was for science!

  14. Holaved says:

    I’m thinkin’ Flora’s being our chorus here…

    (chorus in the Greek sense)

  15. Cyanmanta says:

    A thought occurs to me. Scip said he didn’t read the entire record. However, he did hand it to Eddie and Eddie may have scanned further ahead, catching something Scip didn’t. And if Pippi believes Scip when he says he didn’t read the whole record – which she might; Scip is obviously more than a tad naive – it would explain her motivation to burn it right there in the bathroom… Maybe there’s more on her record that she doesn’t want Scip to see? And then there’s the matter of that “other thing” that was on top of the pile…

    …I fear I may have read to far into this.

  16. redo19 says:

    oh, thank god, flora’s alive.

  17. Emma says:

    Probably off topic, but I want a pet chicken now, becasue Flora is freaking adorable. (That, and it might help me with my vegetarianism)

  18. FrankNW says:

    Scip…dude…do you know where the fire extinguisher is? I mean, as an ordinary safety precaution? ‘Cause you should, dude. (Heh.)